Hamlet: the Play or the Movie
—a poem by Changming Yuan

Hamlet: the Play or the Movie

Who does not love Hamlet,
If they show or perform it again tomorrow night,
Who would not go to watch him?

To be or not to be…we all have this question, mostly
In mind. But with audiences young or old,
The answer is all too clear, at the tongue, ah!

And the world will well remember,
Admire, study, discuss and argue
In every dialect for centuries and centuries.

Not so bad, after all, the poisoned
Wine, the poisoned sword is fatal.
The cries on all sides must be a warm comfort.

We all fall: only a few on a classic stage,
In front of so many

Changming Yuan grew up in rural China, authored three books before moving to Canada, and currently teaches writing in Vancouver. Yuan's poetry has appeared (or is forthcoming) in about 150 literary publications worldwide, including Barrow Street, Canadian Literature, Exquisite Corpse, Literary Review of Canada, London Magazine and Orbis. Yuan's first collection 'Chansons of a Chinaman' is coming out soon via Leaf Garden Press.