2 Poems by Brett Staggs

Too Funny To Be Strange

I am in love
With a woman
Who hates wearing clothes
For no other reason than she
Just doesn't like them
She much prefers to be naked
And like some kind of superhero
She can disrobe in the blink of an eye
She says Can you get me a drink of water
And I say Sure
I turn to get water and WHAM
It's pretty astonishing actually
I tell her You'd be a great magicians assistant
She says Why
I say Cuz you could change outfits fast when
The magician swooshes the shiny sheet in
Front of you
She smiles at this
So there we are
Me at my typewriter
Smelling of ass and cigarettes
And she's waltzing around
In her milky-white skin
Smelling of sweet perfume
Rearranging plants and
Reading the bible
Some things are just too funny to
Be strange

Short and Disgusting

I fix my hair in the
Coffee reflection
Flecks of dandruff fall into
My fishbowl mug
I frown and sip anyway
What's mine is mine

Brett Staggs began writing poetry as a freshman at Slippery Rock University while sitting in Art History class. Since then he has pursued creative writing with poetry and songwriting. Brett now lives in Austin, TX with his wife Amy where he writes songs for film, works on poetry, pursues film acting, and plays drums for the band Slowtrain. Brett's poetry has been published in The Echo, The Refined Savage, The Verse Marauder, and the Cockcrow Press. Brett's influences are Charles Bukowski, Raymond Carver and Tom Petty. Visit Brett at www.myspace.com/brettstaggs.