a poem by A.F. Cronin

When no one was watching
I wore that old shawl
And danced a little jig
As I sang that old James Taylor song
In my socks and sandals and my hair sticking up
On that cool spring morning
So far from the city where my shoes must be shined and
My shirts unwrinkled.
I like that tune.

A.F.Cronin was born and raised in New England where he spent many hours roaming the woods and participating in sports. He also loved to read. He attended university and studied literature which did little more that confuse him, as the highly intellectual "deconstructivist" approach seemed to drain the literature of it's beauty and mystery. Since then, Mr. Cronin has made his living as a carpenter/contractor, working with his hands. He tries to make things with his mind as well and has written and had stage plays produced (one is being produced in LA this January), has had short stories published in the Lake Champlain Weekly, and the Web based "Thirst for Fire" and has had poetry published at Farmhouse.com.