Rob Plath - Biography & Archive

Rob Plath is a prolific writer and Senior Literary Editor for The Commonline Journal. He is the author of eight chapbooks and three full-length poetry collections. His novel Swallowtude (2016) and his poetry collection The Skeleton Sutras (2016) are both forthcoming from Epic Rites Press. His webpage is

Rob Plath's work in The Commonline Journal
another one for li po (2017, #036)
flipping through frames (2017, #036)
the ice piano (2016, #034)
a thousand cab rides away (2016, #034)
the poet (2016, #034)
14 lines while waiting for the snowplows (2013)
the devil's pelvis (2008)
we, mobile crosses (2008)
brothers w/dust (2008)
bibles & cracked oil pans (2007)
Mother Theresa's Dildos (2007)
WFTW Fuck The World Network! (2007)