Anne Tammel's Endless: A Literary Passion
—reviewed by Rehan Qayoom

In Endless: A Literate Passion, Anne Tammel has offered poems to the world that heal

through their complex evocative consonantal process. The poems are intricately woven and
depict unique experiences perfectly matched to individual words that conjure and elucidate in ways that tie them to every reader’s own subjective experiences with astonishing clarity and depth:
a crisp pear, fluer
de sel buerre, truffle,
pate, indigo herbs –
milkweed honey,
newly ripened figs – pure
saffron desire…
(‘Moon an Open Book’).

Vivid and visual, Tammel looks past the mortal life in compliance with Dante’s command in ‘Dante and the Silk Journal’. These poems are deeply immured in the experiences of great writers and artists of the past; they skilfully inhabit spaces that resonate with Genius Loci processing into the soul almost alchemically with:
words, as if
we could
touch those
(‘Proliferate Ashes’).

It is not one of those books that can be read just the once or casually, rather it is to be kept
treasured, to hand and to keep coming back to for emotional connection and reference points to live by as different poems would appeal to different times and in different situations.

Rehan Qayoom is a poet, editor and translator educated at Birkbeck College, University of London. He has featured in numerous literary publications and performed his work internationally. He has published two books of poetry.