Cotton Candy Kiss of Cancer
—a poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

A blanket of razorblade fur
ancient with delirious sweat
stained by the beasts of yore
with blood, piss, vomit, and cum
Lately lost to the frenzied song
pushed across the broken divide
Skin your hide
Sell your soul
Suck the day dry
with carpe diem vein drain fever

One deep breath can save the world
or also implode an entire future
depending on the wavelength
such an inhalation attracts to
Resonate the upper crust
with canceled checks of taxed division
and sort through the devil’s guts
with needlepoint precision toward annihilation

Dancing on the head of cotton candy persuasion
adjoined to a toxic sky damnation
Plural is the pathway toward God
when all roads lead to fractured peace
Sucking on the tailpipe of punctured mercury
with a skin graft surgery sugar high point
Plastic diamond eyes and botoxed assholes
dream away the cancer on Boardwalk
Love the losers and the meek mink’s
skunk perfume in a paradisiacal downfall
drifting aimlessly toward the next fire
to soothe the burn that keeps on giving

Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site where links to his published fiction and poetry can be found. His chapbook Songs of A Dissident is scheduled for a January 2016 release through Transcendent Zero Press.