To Plath, With Love |
by Nikita Parik

In those moments of innocent ecstasy
I could feel you
Slither Inside of me,
Possessing me,
Benumbing my senses
With your Genius.

The first time I bled through your ‘cut’,
I was thirteen; at nineteen I fell in love
With your fire;
For there isn’t enough water in the world
To extinguish your fire

Or mine, for that matter.

To me, we’re like dreams
Floating through College Street,
.. Sometimes staying suspended in the ‘substanceless blue’
Always observing.
You take me by the hand and guide my way
(For I are like poorly constructed sentences
Born out of puberty’s pen)

To me, we’re also like
Misplaced transferred epithets,
(Or even vague metaphors,
I’m not too sure)
Existing, yet *unexisting
Like asterisked words.

(We were like dreams
Floating through College Street,
Sometimes staying suspended in the ‘substanceless blue’,
Always observing.)

You still haunt my noonday dreams
With ‘Every woman adores a fascist’.
I’d never know why you said that,

Or Would I?

The Poet: Nikita Parik is a 21 year old poet from Calcutta, India. She holds a Bachelors degree in English from the University of Calcutta, and is currently pursuing Masters in Linguistics from the same reputed university. Her works have appeared in Femficatio, Blackmail Press, Efiction India, A Billion Stories, and The Voices, and she awaits publication in the anthology "Dampen to Bend" by Coal and Femficatio Publishing.
The Artist: Luka Fisher recently had his work featured in Headmaster Magazine where Ihebecame the first visual artist to tackle the "headmaster saga". This summer he produced a goth/punk rock record for Terminal A, which you can find here. Here is an interview with them. Luka also appeared in a rather bizarre music video. This fall, he had a retrospective of his work from the past 14 years. Here is a video of the opening night.