Memorable Moment |
by Caitlin Watkins

On the bus
after work

two young parents 
exchanging harsh words
mind three small kids
as the bus bumps along

baby bounces on momma’s hip
toddlers scramble along bench seats
poppa stands in the aisle
guarding the door

the bus in motion
rounding the corner 
slows to a stop 
jolting a toddler into a pole

he starts to cry

frazzled, momma barks 

beleaguered, poppa contends
he’s only a kid…

It’s okay for kids to cry when they get hurt

defiantly,  momma snaps
I never cried

quietly, poppa replies
…that’s because you never get hurt


The Poet: Caitlin Watkins has spent most of her life under-achieving so as to avoid writing third person bios to accompany her work. However, she has lately committed to finishing what she starts, and is proud as a pre-schooler wearing her first macaroni necklace to show-off what she’s made in CLJ. One day she hopes to independently publish a series of limited edition hand-bound, hardcover books containing holograph transcriptions of the conversation (reprinted above) she will continue to have with herself. She lives in Seattle with her husband, James, who is practicing with non-Euclidean geometry to design book pages in the hyperbolic plane. 

The Artist: Roz MacLean is a visual artist located in Vancouver, BC. She works in several styles, but her work is united by a search for the motivation of human behavior. Whether she is looking to the animal world and evolution to explain our nature, or attempting to understand where our deepest fears come from, she is interested in the connection between natural design and our individual and collective inner worlds. You can find her portfolio at .