The Jaw |
by JD Dehart

Speaking to some people
is like nesting beside a microphone,
every sound and mistake broadcast
across grandest expanse.
Samson slew an army with the jawbone
of an ass, and it is easy to see why.
How I used to believe in perfection,
graceful human kindness, but have too
often tasted the singe of others’ tongues,
not cast in altruism, but wearing the azure
shade of the serpent’s underbelly,
calmly slithering through the garden,
searching for innocence to lose, sniffing
to see if the fruit has yet to be tasted,
reporting the latest bit of juicy gossip
among the blue hairs and bonnets.

The Poet: JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  His work has appeared in Eunoia Review, Eye On Life Magazine, and Ancient Heart Magazine, among others.  His first chapbook is set to be released this fall. His blog is

The Artist: Chrystal Berche is a photographer, artist and Writer living in North Central Iowa.