Out of All the Stunts We Pulled |
by J. Pharoah Doss

My friend was hospitalized

Head injury, in a comma, hooked up to machines


Or going gently into that good night

    Weighted on the human balance

For three weeks we waited

We waited for the scales to tip in his favor

    But he didn’t make the weight

He was found too light

    Like the doctors predicted

Three days after surgery they suggested 

We pull the plug

Easy for them

But we weren’t plug pullers

    We’ve been pulled over and pulled apart 

     Pulled prank after prank

    And now we pulled our hairs 

Because we never pulled plugs to breathing machines

And out of all the stunts we’ve pulled 



We couldn’t pull the most practical 

J. Pharoah Doss lives in Pittsburgh.  He attended Geneva College.   His work as appeared
in The New Black Magazine and Gutter Eloquence Magazine.