Do You Like Austen
—a poem by JD DeHart

Our conversation was
Born on the back of
Elizabeth Bennett, and I
A rare figure in a rural
Town who had read
Sense and Sensibility, and
You explained to our friends
What the novel was
Explained what I was.

The Poet: JD DeHart blogs on and has self-published poetry collections on Amazon.  He has writing forthcoming in a variety of journals and has recently appeared in Coffee Shop Poems and Steel Toe Review.
The Artist: Francesco Aprile's research is documented on An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (edited by Tim Gaze and Micheal Jacobson for Uitgeverij Ed. in 2013) and A Sud del Sud dei Santi. Cento anni di Poesia in Puglia (edited by Michelangelo Zizzi, Lietocolle, 2013), and international journal and review as Verde (Rome), S/V Revue (Lyon), Rivista di Studi Italiani (Toronto), La Clessidra (Edizioni Joker, Florence), Otoliths (Australia), Il foglio clandestino (Milan), Rem Magazine (New Zeland), Compostxt (Italy),Il Paese Nuovo / Spagine (Italy) and so on. For Diversalità Poetiche, review directed by Francesco Pasca, have curated the numbers: L'irregolare. Renato Leopizzi (October 2012), New Page (July 2013), Il meta-salentino. F. S. Dòdaro (October 2013).