Introspective Clock Face
— a poem by Marc Carver

There is a shadow
where time once dripped on
with a certainty
that made it eternal
now that time has gone
only a memory
a faded dark roundness.
It unsettles me
so I leave the room
and never go back
in a way I am the same as that room
the room with the time missing

The Poet: Marc Carver has published six books of poetry and works as an editor for a site in New York. He has had about three hundred poems published around the world but most of all he hopes people enjoy his work and it inspires them to pick up the pen and turn the tv off.

The Photographer: Brett Stout is a 33-year-old artist and writer. He is a high school dropout and former construction worker turned college graduate and Paramedic. He creates art while mainly hung-over from a small cramped apartment in Myrtle Beach, SC.