— a poem by Brenton Booth

I am the wind
          a caramel sunset over
          peppermint trees
          the glowing blue ocean
          seen from space
          the last perfectly green
          leaf before autumn
I am the wave crashing on
          the ivory sand
          the glowing leaves of
          the morning song from
          the sparrow
          the warmth of the moon
I am also the old car yelling
          the rat crossing the
          kitchen floor
          the slaughterer of cows
          the maker of bombs
I am the one who often
          doesn’t know
          the one who regrets
          a lot
          the one who seeks
          the one who is not
          satisfied yet
I am the hurricane
          the tidal wave
          the gunshot
          the silent explosion
I am as you are
          and we all are
looking at the window
and trying to get the
to go out the door
and be part of what
I can see.
Brenton Booth resides in Sydney, Australia. Other work of his has recently appeared in 3:AM Magazine, Thunder Sandwich, Dead Snakes, Yellow Mama, The Mindless Muse, Underground Voices, Storm Cycle, and Dogzplot.