— a poem by Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani

The sky, clear but hasty, made a sound today,
Rumbling and grumbling,

I thought, mistaken, it had laughed too hard,
Chortling and throttling,

But the wind, crisp, on boughs teetered clumsy,
Swooning and crooning,

And the grass, limp, swayed brisk off its roots,
Rustling and bustling,

Flowers, arrayed, wrestled with the stems in cling,
Huffing and puffing,

The clouds, soon bulging, began to pour impatiently,
Ripping and tripping,

From its unclosed eyes, a storm burrowed loose,
Blundering and thundering,

Like nestled were confessions many, soaked salty,
Sobbing and bobbing,

The purring water sloshed off memories damp,
Borrowing and sorrowing,

The ground soggy, trembling, as I walked hurried steps,
Heeling and reeling,

Leaving the hosts, alone, to jazz in each other’s music,
Browning and drowning.

Umm-e-Aiman has been published in a few online and print magazines. Most of her poetry is simple, in directness and fluidity, hoping to communicate, through her writing, a feeling that can be related to by people from all wakes. She wishes to continue locating broader portals that will showcase her writing to give her the credibility of being an ocean swimmer. She also writes under the pseudonym Sheikha A.