The Previous Life of Julian Kelly |
by Alessandro Cusimano‏

The beast, disclosed, moves into the mire of Eden. From the human to the animal, from darkness to light. Aloud, the bestial image finds truly exceptional mirrors, revealing the animal to the same beast, to the creatures who observe, at least for the time of a glance. In these rooms I consumed my immoral thoughts. Sounds strong my weak constancy, my inquietude. Serves no purpose my way of looking at things is almost miraculous, religious, eternal moment, courage, unknowability, mystery....

When I knew Simone, she was so young and beautiful. Together we passioned about the hypnosis. Simone showed, right from the beginning, extraordinary abilities she perhaps could not even imagine to have. She seemed to be able to communicate with remote worlds and times. Soon I realized that she was using me for her purposes. Her power over me and everything around her was increasing day by day. Ambition, greed, arrogance. Simone thought she could get to Lucifer and become the favorite. It was impossible to resist her. The demons to whom she addressed now knew that Simone had become one of them ...

It is difficult to determine to what extent various forms of hypnotism may have to do with the occult. And what about the effects of hypnosis on the mind of an individual? You may say that a legitimate concern is that the hypnotized may have little control over his behavior.
Would it be advisable that a true Christian let muddle his mind through hypnotic suggestions? Could a man keep a good conscience if he agreed to fall into a state where he can not have full control of his thoughts, his desires or even of his actions? Can you accept to believe that your life is dominated by dark forces manipulable by magic rituals, or that your future is written in other forms of foreboding?

Her mind was superior, impressive, fascinating. Nevertheless perverse, intended to evil, to that darkness she herself had chosen. Simone is the beast that moves into the mire of Eden. I listened her to dominate the wandering souls and guide the demons to herself. And, through the demons, speaking formulas and rituals.

The day and the night, the young Simone and the queen creature eager to sit at the side of Satan...

In a conscious myth-making, the story of the hypnotized subject corresponds to a guided dream. Or else we should talk about multiple personalities, and in this case the visions are nothing but products of schizophrenic attitudes, a splitting of the ego. Parallel universes? Memories that belong to her own dual, existing in a parallel universe? Perhaps a collective memory, from a community other than her own?

When, the first time, I explained to Simone what I'd have tried to do with a session of regressive hypnosis, I gave her all the details, in order to give her a possibility of choice and the opportunity to act. Memories, of a past life, emerged. Some experiences, for various reasons, are not understood, because refused, because painful. They remain as foreign bodies within the consciousness and lead to chaotic and self-destructive impulses: enclosed in a shell that makes them resistant to change, parasites of the mind, absorb energy and resources, steal abilities and talents.

Simone had a very varied and complex psychic symptomatology. She could enter voluntarily into a state of altered consciousness, reliving episodes of the past. To increase the benefits of this mode, I decided to use hypnosis to induce the altered state of consciousness more frequently instead of waiting that occurred spontaneously.

The regressive method of hypnosis remains the most valid. Reliving,
remembering, responding, expressing, communicating what was an isolated and locked element in the individual psyche, reveals the evolutionary path. You must relive these traumatic eperiences in order to eliminate the negative energy that stops the personal growth.

The attitude of the hypnotist should be that of a companion. That's the technique called light door. After asking the patient's age, you will send him into a trance and make him remember what he did the day before, a month before, a year before and, then, by jumps of five or ten years, until he was in the womb, where he may sit for a while to get rid of the responsibilities of this life. At this point you'll make him see a dark tunnel ahead, at the end of which there is a portal that gives access to a powerful white light, whose function is to clear the mind of the person he is, to accommodate that of the past life. The contrast between light and dark facilitates the transition to a different personality and a different historical period. Beyond the light there is the regressive experience in a previous life, her own or others'. Then, if the subject does not say to be died for various reasons, or simply if the virtual events are blocked in a stalemate, you can then return him to sleep and let him go through the tunnel to the contrary, back in the womb and then progress to the present moment. We must not forget that the real protagonist of this experience is the person who regresses. The therapist is only a guide in this fascinating new world, this should never be forgotten.

Hypnosis is one of the terms surrounded by an aura of mystery because it was originally created with shades of magic or irrational. The result is that the original meaning now seems to be supported by research worthy of respect. For example, according to scientific evidence, it seems well established that it is absolutely impossible to hypnotize a person without his cooperation. Because hypnosis takes place you need an implicit agreement between hypnotist and hypnotized. Hypnosis is also based on a series of techniques of suggestion and belief; the hypnotist suggests this possibility as the mind creates it.

Simone used to say...
we have our voice, because of it we are recognizable. The sound blends with the spoken words. The relationship that develops between me and Julian largely determines the effectiveness of our hypnotic procedures. This is because I could never leave someone, I don't completely trust, bringing me into an unfamiliar territory. This confidence must not be obtained through deception. Soon our therapeutic relationship would be compromised. My mind does not forget to know that Julian accompanies it with his own voice. His voice ceases to be a text and begins to be more like a sound, tends to look like a musich.
There is nothing more wrong than to think you can induce the same kind of experience in two different people. Some people develop very quickly a considerable depth, others remain very close to the words of the hypnotist. Simone has a spontaneous and vivid imaginative activity. Other people have a well-developed checking habit. They tend to interfere with the natural and spontaneous processes that develop within them. They control emotions, reactions, behaviors and much more. But this should not upset the hypnotist. To face a difficult means to take advantage of such an important occasion.

When we enter a new room for the first time our attention is attracted by several details. The arrangement of furniture, the lighting, the way our voice sounds in the environment. Then we are less and less attentive to details and gradually all becomes familiar to us. The inner place, of the person, is new and must be explored gradually. The conscious control is like a sentinel that can continue to observe all the words that come from outside or to leave them enter freely. For this phenomenon can be used a variety of terms: to yield, to learn, to move away, to get distracted, confused, and finally to fall asleep. What I call unconscious listening is a central concept. What is not logical is not identified anymore as not possible and the mind can start to open in unexpected ways.

While I remember the day we first met.... Simone said: "Julian, I've been waiting a long time. Long before your arrival I saw you by one of the countless eyes of Satan. In this way I could see a brilliant young man, with the angelic beauty, coming to join me. Seven nights ago, I grabbed a cross from the handle keeping it overturned and I hit a mirror so to break it into several pieces. I took a piece of glass and I called the Lord of the Abyss, the one who searches without being scrutinized. I asked him to grant me a glimmer of omniscience and I put the piece of mirror in my eye, thinking of what I wanted to see. Suddenly, you appeared as if time had stopped. You came for me, everything talks me about you, nothing has sense anymore in my mind, I understood from the first moment I saw you. Both of us run away from a life we chose not to accept. Our meeting will change all this. With you I shall recover my freedom, you will heal my inability to love, my misery."


Hypnotism has always been the focus of much debate and controversy. Even experts have difficulty to define it. Most people are more interested in the possible uses than in the nature of hypnosis. On the other hand, many associate hypnosis to spiritualism and the occult.

The claim that hypnotism is related to the occult is not just the result of someone's fertile imagination. The link between hypnotism and spiritualism has a foundation. Throughout history, magic and witchcraft have been commonly considered forms of hypnosis. The hypnotized subject can be easily influenced even by veiled suggestions and can have free access to the unconscious drives usually hidden and may even think that any personal restraint has been removed. He is very concentrated on his faculties, which makes him extremely attentive to the suggestions of the hypnotist and ready to implement them.

And Asmodeus said to Solomon: "Do not ask me many things, because their kingdom will be destroyed after a short time and their glory will not last a season. It will be short their tyranny over us"

The demons, in reality, are immortal, a "season" is nothing more than a few thousand years for them. There are different levels of experience when you establish a contact with a demon. By telepathy; the words of the demon come to us through our thoughts. At first, it may be difficult for those who are not sensitive enough or do not have the psychic ability to differentiate among their own thoughts. We see and hear the demon; this happens to people more open psychically. We invoke the energy of the demon; this is powerful and electrifying: we are enveloped in an aura of power. During this period, we can often hear the demon talking to us and. During the invocation, the demon appears and speaks to us through the reflection in a mirror or in the smoke of incense.

Simone once exclaimed...."it will never be possible to put out the Black Flame burning in the hearts of those who are smart enough and strong enough to understand that the truth is just round the dark corner, because only in the darkness you will be able to easily capture the spark of wisdom that leads with fatigue to the divine.

For too long, Satan has been unjustly accused, remaining silent, secure, laughing. He will show his immense power!"

Our intent was not to declare a presumed truth, but to attack, incite, threaten everything that moves thought and reflection. As Seth, the one who destroys Stasis on behalf of Chaos. Our experience, gained in these years of study and passion, advices us to take stock of the situation. We will therefore collect what we learned in this Left Hand Path, and set it in time, almost like the nail-hinge of a fundamental and basic philosophy. This path can be represented metaphorically as a journey. A journey that begins when we decide to abandon our old beliefs, faith, religion, our point of view, often Christian, for the will to become what we know to be true. To destroy to recreate. Seth is mainly referred as a god. God of Primordial Chaos that originated the Whole.

She strongly argued... "Seth allows contemplation and intuition, but who allows us the knowledge is Lucifer, the fallen angel, the proud, the rebel, the one who brings the Light of Wisdom. Lucifer brings exaltation of the Mind and Spirit, brings us the desire and craving for knowledge. And having cleared our mind, thanks to Seth, Lucifer leads us in our ascent to Sophia, Wisdom, Knowledge. Satan descends the tree. He brings down that which is high, is the awareness of the instinct, not only of the potential of Reason. Satan is ready to explore his dark side without fear, but with strength and determination. He does not fear hate, love, violence, envy, victory and defeat, always knows how to benefit from both positive and negative! He knows the relativity of good and evil; in his eyes, they are clear expressions of fear inherent ignorance. He never stops, never stops! He is the lion that fight, free in the arena, against the gladiator, he is the hungry wolf, is the strong self, the conscious, the one who knows ignorance, who knows the human duality and can go beyond."

Who will cross the Abyss, will lose all purely human knowledge, will know that you can dispense with rationality, and then will be ready to make the descent into the unconscious ego, the deeper, instinctive, represented by Satan. He and Lucifer show similarities. They are both the aware man, the man god of himself and creator of God. Where Seth is God, Satan and Lucifer are the ego, but if the first of them is the unconscious ego, the second is the conscious side.


Satan is also rebellion, but a conscious and mature rebellion. Who or what is Satan? Thanks to a couple of millennia of misinformation the ancient figure of Satan has been changed into something negative, enclosing the possible feelings of guilt and fear, thus acting as a real scapegoat. The oldest model you know of the Prince of Darkness can be traced back to ancient Egypt, in the form of the god Seth. His worship lasted over time. The Christian imposition despised the individualism, and Seth was cleverly used as most representative of all the negative values and principles of this religion. Ultimately, can it be argued that the primordial origin of Satan is Seth? Not necessarily. But one thing is clear: Satan is not a mere invention of the Bible! One of the earliest depictions of Seth is a cobra with, over his head, a Sun. The similarity with the winged serpent of the Aztecs is staggering. Why Christianity just use the snake as a negative symbol, when this has always been used in pre-Christian age as a representation raising towards the divine? As in Egypt there was the worship of Seth, so also in the West in the post-medieval age, the power of the Christian transformation of Satan culminated in this very period. The medieval occult practices show that, in that era, there were the orgiastic Sabbath, demonic witchcraft and everything natural that you wanted to remove indiscriminately.

Simone loved to provoke and impress...."women, just as an example, in the ancient Roman Empire, could even walk down the street with their breasts exposed. Sex was so gratified, that bisexuality was an everyday something. The Church, in relation to its decadent philosophy, forbade everything which could give pleasure, forcing the man to miserable lives and no satisfaction."

But, as you well know, is always the instinct to win, so the more you try to suppress, the more you will get adverse effects. And here is Satan, understood as true god, the evil enemy of God, but, at least, by the side of man.


My dear Julian, is it better to survive as dogs, constantly suffering in silence, or to form an alliance with who can help you to live with a little more honor? Who is, in this case, the good of the moment, the friend of man, God or the Devil? The chosen know the Left Way through the brambles of human desperation...because not for despair you survive, but for power you live.

According to tradition, the conjurers of Satan asked more frequently, gold, women, love. Not gold to satisfy all worldly desires, not women for lust and physical pleasure, not love for the joy of being loved. But gold to give to others, women from exhaustion, love to tie them, but not reciprocated. Here one finds the pure philosophy of the Magus who dominates what surrounds us; people, things and energy attached to achieving his goals. There are sects that still practice the worship of Satan as an actual existing deity and hostile to God. These groups have a well-established philosophy, starting from a hidden anti-Christian tradition that has lasted for centuries. To believe in Satan as the mythical adversary of God, you must first believe in God himself. The unbelief of white, for mathematical definition, cancels also the belief of the black.

Satan is the formidable adversary of God, and therefore the enemy of all that God expresses. He rejects absolutely any kind of dogma that can somehow hamper the physical and spiritual growth. The dogma is a bar of the cage that enslaves the man and therefore, limits his freedom. Why cover the eyes when you are free to grope every street of knowledge? In a purely Christian system, dogma is an obligation. God exists and must not be questioned, thus avoiding any kind of reasoning that might call on its knees the whole system. We have to begin to wonder the reason why all that surrounds us, to test each theory through the use of knowledge, study and practice magic. The dogma stops the evolution of any philosophy, prohibites any enrichment. Only by destroying it you will create space for something new.

The Devil in the broadest sense has been and is the enemy of all religions that have always stifled the human soul, making the man a poor slave, an incompetent, a mediocre. Satan represents the opposite, the rebel, the warrior who raises the sword in the air as a sign of revenge, and hurls it with strength and hatred against those unnecessary and meaningless rules, created only for the exploitation of man. Satan is individualism, selfishness, pure and simple. Although the review considers the first two social factors such as defects, in fact they are the most powerful things that mother nature has never been able to provide in order to survive in the jungle. The instinct, selfishness and individualism are the first vehicles to be able to comply with the rules of nature.

She knew how to amaze me...."when you're born, you're born alone, and when you have sex, you enjoy yourself and when you die, you die alone. Also the selfishness leads to pride which is what allows everybody to stand against each other. In nature and in society only the first win, while the second and third are always bound to lose. To say that the last shall be first is the farthest thing from the truth. Those who live by mediocre will not get nothing but mediocrity. Today, man aspires to the professional and personal success, is ready to fight his peers to get more power, is intended primarily to personal gratification, by excluding any form of altruism."

Every man is different from the other and, while Christianity tries in vain to get the same sheep. Satan provides the individual differentiation. What is the difference between Atheism and Satanism? Nothing could be easier. While the former refers to a complete lack of faith and belief, the second abjure the faith, but maintains the belief. But beware! Believing and having faith is not the same thing. Faith, in contrast to the belief, needs necessarily the dogma to survive. And if the atheist is limited only to see what he can see, the Satanist believes on the basis of his arguments, proved by the magic through the precise mechanisms of the occult practices.

While dead things follow the current, the alive ones swim against it. This was Simone...

I saw her taking a bath before that first ritual. She lit her incense, let it burn and fill the room. She lit some candles and filled a chalice with wine. She wore a black tunic. Then she rang a bell, turning on herself counterclockwise and uttered the following words:

In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas, Luciferi Excelsi. In the Name of Satan, Ruler of the Earth, True God, Almighty and Ineffable, I invoke the forces of darkness because they infuse into me their infernal power. Open the Gates of Hell and come forth to greet me as your sister. Deliver me, Oh Mighty Satan, from all the disappointments and all the past mistakes, fill me with truth, wisdom and knowledge, keep me strong in my faith and my service, I will remain faithful, Praise and Honor and Glory to you, forever and ever!

Then she drank from the cup. She was at the height of her ritual. She lingered in a few moments of meditation and concentration. At the end of the ritual she turned clockwise and rang the bell. The next night, she designed the seal of the demon she wanted to evoke. She closed her eyes and visualized the seal in her mind. She opened her eyes and looked again at the seal to get a clearer picture. Meanwhile I heard her singing almost as the demon, repeatedly...then she recited the following prayer:

Satan My Lord, grant me, I pray the power to create in my mind and do what I want, whose purpose I will achieve with your help, Oh Mighty Satan, the one true God who lives and reigns forever and ever. I implore you to give me true and accurate answers, so I can get my order. Humbly and respectfully I ask this in Your Name, My Satan Lord, may you judge me worthy, Oh Father!

In the form of a demon, Simone manifested herself in different ways. Through a mirror like reflection, I myself saw the demon in the mirror. Through the smoke of incense or directly, when you are sensitive enough and in a deep state of meditation. When she had established a relationship with the demons, it was no longer necessary to perform the ritual of evocation. The demon appeared in the night or day. Then, for a quarter moon, she did not yield to the temptations of the flesh, not adorn with jewelry made of metal, not distract from the thought of his work. She ate frugally, avoiding meat, at noon and at midnight, or at seven in the morning and seven in the evening. After each meal, she recited her prayer:

"I beseech you, Oh Lord and Master of all Spirits and I give you my soul, my heart, my body, my hands, my feet, my spirit, my whole being"

Simone slept as little as possible. She got a hematite stone and took the utmost care of it. The sacrifice, the Victim of Art, was a virgin kid. She bought it and, on the third day of the moon, cut off his head with one stroke, using a knife, never used before. She had previously prepared it, adorning its throat with a wreath of vervain, tied with a green ribbon. She went to a secluded place, dressed in the tunic which left uncovered her right shoulder. She had, with her, a large brazier in which blazed a fire of willow and the consecrated knife she would have used again for the sacrifice. Before to begin, she spoke this invocation:

"I offer to you this creature.
For the Honor, the Glory and the power of your name. Deign to accept it, if you appreciate"

At this point, she cut the kid's throat. So, she skinned it and threw the body on the brazier, because it reduced to ashes. She took a handful of those ashes and scattered in the direction of the rising Sun, invoking again the Deity, in this way:

For Honor, Glory and Splendour of Thy Name, I pour the blood of this sacrifice!"

She kept the skin of the kid, because, then, she would have used it to make the Circle of Evocations. She still needed two candles, made by a young virgin, with beeswax never used before. And, also, two candlesticks, two crowns of vervain, flint and steel to make fire, holy water, incense, a bottle of water vine, camphor. Four nails taken from the coffin of a child. The kid's skin was cut into strips. She agreed to be accompanied by me acting as assistant. I took all those things, but I had not to speak and stuck to her orders. Simone arranged the skin strips, of the sacrificed kid, in a circle and anchoring them to the ground by the nails of the coffin. Done that, she used the stone of hematite to draw a triangle inside the circle, touching it in all three vertices, the first of which should be directed to the East. At this point, Simone and I were able to enter the inside of the shape. I fixed the candles in their holders and leaned them to the ground on each side of the triangle, within the circle, surrounding the base with garlands of vervain. I lit the candles and the fire in the brazier, which I fed with a little brandy and camphor. As soon as the flames were firm and safe, Simone addressed this prayer to Divinity:

"I invoke you because you attract what I want to be attracted, For the irreconcilability of fire and water, to share all that I want to be divided, how everything was separated on the Day of Creation"

So, many spirits appeared around the circle and produced great noises. Simone ignored them and I did not say a word. She took the camphor and threw it into the brazier, making sure that the fire in the grate and the flames of the candles were burning well. Then she continued with his plea:

I offer this incense, the purest I have found, purified, like these coals, made of the best wood. Deign to receive it, I offer you that with my soul and my heart. Be favorable to me with Thy power and grant me success in my arduous undertaking"

That night, like every night, I prepared some brandy for both of us. I was upset by the possibility of losing her and put a lethal poison in both the glasses. But for some unknown reason oure bodies were revealed immune to the poison. I was shocked, my plan had failed. So I started talking, my voice was sweet, soft: I had been able to hypnotize Simone once again... for the last time. I tied her hands and her feet to the four corners of bed. By then Simone woke up and began to throw heart-rending cries. Suddenly I saw her body to change and transform into the body of a strange creature with the face of Simone. Like a tremendous insect, similar to a locust of the height of two men. She begged me not to do it.

As her body was transformed, her screams were getting louder and terrifying. Then I took my hunting knife and I rushed over her.... By now her body was no longer the body of Simone and railed against me. I remember her eyes as the blade tore open her chest. I took courage, ripped open her chest and grabbed her heart still beating in my hands. Taking possession of the Simone's heart, I could be sure that she would have remained close to me, although in the form of demon.

There was blood all over my body and a staggering monster lying dead on the carpet.
Simone, malicious queen,  full of grace and confidences, sovereignty of mirrors and sofas, was no more. Jewel case for Dionysus, misleading female with a blessed voice, flowing in the shadows, extraordinarily restless, she was vanished, dissolved like a hellish absinth, a fragrant drink of damnation. A destiny where time is absent. In the purest denial of God, Simone had crossed the Abyss, condemning, nevertheless, herself, to oblivion, an errant fate ...

And yet I can still feel her. She is weak, tormented, betrayed by who she believed to really love and who eventually abandoned her not to betray himself... Simone, at one blow, had severed the Sun,  no regrets. Her glance of a moment had not moved the melody of our love story. The storm has raged, inside me, for the time of her eyes.

Years before, my madness had seized her sorrow, becoming a flower in her hair. I had flattered the delirium, living, for a moment, the emotion of a different life. I had met happiness and fallen in love. In the shade, where the soul lives life with resentment and bewilders the reason.

A terrible event condemned to repeat itself endlessly, perhaps only a moment of pain, a feeling suspended in time, like a photograph out of focus, like an insect trapped in amber,
a ghost wrapped in a blue aura. This is, now, Simone and she will be forever...
Lucifer's color is blue, Hell is pervaded with blue. The dark blue represents the total quiet, the simple fact of looking at this color produces a peaceful effect on the nervous system, the tension decreases, the body relaxes. On a psychological level, the dark blue further develop the sensitivity. The blue represents the bonds, the stability, equilibrium and harmony.
The depth of feeling and, lastly, a condition that promotes energy, the experience of beauty.

Ancient Persians believed the Earth rested on a giant Sapphire and it was the stone's reflection that colored the sky...

So I get delicate perceptions, genuine, or otherwise desperate and however capable of confessing love, of taking my hand, of making me understand. I let myself fall and see Simone in her poignant naturalness, because I simply yield to her as she to herself. But a violent memory torments my soul. Well painted on my face, has the sound of a chorus of voices, and the voices die in the most bestial notes in the history of my humanity...
Countless eyes, mislaid, still in the light. All appears undisclosed: a glint in a lifetime, a vision with no depth, a false dawn. Mementos, lives hanging in the air like never free lives, as if time had stopped in a glacier of emotions, cast into a bottomless pit. Before a regret depicted by the icy warmth of a pale smile.

Revelation. 9:1-12. "And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from Heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit, and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a furnace; and the Sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth. And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it: and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. And the shape of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle. And their faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions. And they had breastplates, as it were breast-plates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle. And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit."

 Simone is the nervous wandering. Simone is the arabesque, the disorder, she is the sudden rush of sympathy. Simone is the cry at night, she is the vision, the restless story, she is gaze who bends the night. Simone is the great silence who wakes up, Simone is the rose who sweetens the thorns, Simone is the night with coloured plumes, she is the bonfire. Simone is the agony in cage, she is the nexus, the multiple body, Simone is the locust.... and she is anxious to start again.

The Writer: Son of a painter and a teacher, Alessandro Cusimano was born in Palermo, Italy, on July 2, 1967. He lives in Rome, where he is a writer, poet, and playwright with a special focus on the visual arts ranging from painting to cinema, from photography to theatre. Expressivist poet, he freely refers to peripheral and irregular languages, drawing on dialect, slang, and various sectorial and technical forms of expression, which he recreates with personal inventions and varying intensity in every moment of his literary production. He appeared recently on the international literary stage. Some of his writings have been published by The Cynic Online Magazine, Decanto Magazine, The Recusant, Streetcake Magazine, Exercise Bowler, Bewildering Stories, Numinous Magazine, Weirdyear, Anothrealm, Deadman’s Tome, RED OCHRE Lit, Emerging Visions and Misfits' Miscellany.

The Artist:
These photos are collectively titled "The Thirteenth Street Series."

Katrina Pallop is a playwright, photographer, and actress based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Her photographs have been published by a number of independent magazines, among them The 2River View, Calyx, and OVS. Her online portfolio can be found here.