The Situation |
by Ivan Jenson

Frankly I
feel totally
and everything
is freaking amazing
and I have some really
chill people around me who are cool
and all that bull that I was griping about
I am so over with and I have like totally moved on
and so don’t bring it up again or I will get very pissed off
and wind up blowing up and causing a scene right here at the Mall
and you might end up getting your hair soaked in my Diet Sprite, my
dear friend who has always had everything I ever wanted and so much more

Ivan Jenson’s Absolut Jenson painting was featured in Art News, Art in America, and Interview magazine. His art has sold at Christie’s, New York. His poems have appeared in Word Riot, Zygote in my Coffee, Camroc Press Review, Haggard and Halo,Poetry Super Highway, Mad Swirl, Underground Voices Magazine, Blazevox, and many other magazines, online and in print. Jenson is also a Contributing Editor for Commonline magazine. Ivan Jenson's debut novel Dead Artist is available as a paperback and on Amazon Kindle and Nook. His new novel a psychological thriller entitled Seeing Soriah is now available as an eBook or in Paperback on Amazon.