Doctrine of Pasta Signatures |
by Lara Dolphin

Cappelini: A bowl with sauce produces shiny hair.
Occhi di lupo: When served, this dish embues a wolf-like stare.
Orecchiette: With just one taste, you’ll hear a pancake flip.
Mostaccioli: Eat twice a day to grow a hairy lip.
Linguini: To speak a language other than your own.
Gomito: A bite sends giggles up your funny bone.
Farfalle: A forkful heals and calms an upset tummy.
--When function follows form, the cure is yummy.

Lara Dolphin is a writer and poet. Her work has appeared in print and online in such publications as “Fogged Clarity,” “Orbis,” “The Foliate Oak Literary Journal” and “Calliope.” You can find more of her work at