The Rush of Fools |
by Emily Lasinsky

The sacred are running
from the scarred,
Scared to become what they are surrounded by.
The scarred multiply, this year is a prime breeding season.
The sacred in a mad rush,
time still sacrificed for their purple and gold
The scarred wonder.
They do not own mirrors.
They are not chasing, but following the elite.
For so long,
external scars have crept inside.
Their festering wounds oozing with yellow puss,
the purple shiners on their eyes shimmer,
not nearly as glamorous.
The scarred do not fear,
they trust the sacred.
Minds warped from fever and infection.
Infestation of lies and deceit,
becoming what they are surrounded by.
The urgency to leave to a destination that promises nothing.
The sacred running from the scarred,
The scarred running with the sacred,
In the crowds, external and internal exchange ugliness,
no more distinction,
the rush of fools.
Emily Lasinsky is an emerging artist and writer from Indiana, PA. She has a deep passion for creating art and writing, and believes these expressive practices play an essential role in shaping the self. She is currently a graduate student pursuing her M.A. degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and she hopes to use these expressive forms when counseling others in the future. Her artwork has been published by Touch: The Journal of Healing.