Wolves Howl At the Moon
—a poem by Mark Barkawitz

Wolves Howl At the Moon

i sometimes/often wonder
if there’s anything
after death?

guess it’s ‘cause
i’ve buried
quite a few:

my little brothers,
older relatives,

and a string of dogs
buried like bones
deeply in the yard.

some just pups
born into my hands
already still.

but let’s not
get morbid here.
there’s time

for that

Mark Barkawitz has earned local and national awards for his fiction, poetry, essay, and screenwriting. His work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals & anthologies, underground ‘zines, and is posted on numerous websites. He wrote the screenplay for the feature film, “Turn of the Blade” (NorthStar Ent., ’95) and has taught creative writing classes at community college level. He coaches a championship track team of student/athletes and ran the 2001 L.A. Marathon in 3:44:42. He lives with his wife, has two kids, and breeds golden retrievers (Woof Goldens) in his backyard in Pasadena, CA. http://www.woofbooks.com/