Always Unquestioning
and Always Unchallenging
—a poem by G. Tod Slone

Always Unquestioning 
and Always Unchallenging

So much was taken for granted in our society,

even by the highly educated, especially when

it served self.

One such fellow* told me the other day, he

believed that “poor teachers ought to be fired.”

But I asked him: what was a "poor teacher”?
Was it someone who didn't get the PC

teacher-of-the-year award or

someone who dared go upright and

criticize his colleagues and administrators?

Was it someone who spoke rude truths in the

classroom and in so doing upset the coddled or

someone who actually taught students

to question and challenge their very university?

Or was it the ole you’ll know a “poor teacher”

when you see, hear, and observe him?

The fellow, unsurprisingly, never did get back to me.