Link Archive

3am - premier online magazine based in London
5x5 - is a print mag published in 5x5
5_trope - online magazine edited by gunnar benediktsson - everything you need to know about
Alternative Reel - movies, poetry, more
Ampersand Books - the greatest literary project...
The Beat - online literary review based in the United Kingdom
Caper Literary Journal - electronic monthly of poetry, prose and art
CommonLine's Facebook Fan Page - befriend us there
CommonLine's Myspace - join us at Myspace to get all the updates
The Cortland Review - an online literary magazine in RealAudio
decomP Magazine - print and online magazine edited by Jason Jordan
Dogzplot - an erratic literary montage - a premier online magazine of literature e - official web-space of George Watsky
The InditeCircle - "today's literary magazine"
Leaf Garden Press - a small independent press
Madswirl - a creative outlet
NewPages - a tremendous writers resource
Proletariat Press - a small, blue collar press
ScoutHOME - go green, buy vintage
Silenced Press - print and online mag from Ohio
Slope - new poetry, criticism and commentary
Tainted Coffee Press - independent Ohio press affiliated with Zygote In My Coffee
Thieves Jargon - a literary favorite edited by Matt DiGangi
To The Bone - a literary journal based out of Chapel Hill, NC
Unlikely Stories - poetry, interview, review, and more
Vestal Review - semi-annual perfect-bound print magazine with a web presence
The Wanderlust Review - online travel writing magazine publishing a range of content
Web Del Sol - locust of literary art on the www
Weirdyear - flash fiction, poetry, hybrid experimental fiction
Word Riot - online magazine edited by author Jackie Corley
Zygote In My Coffee - print and online alternative poetry mag from Ohio

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