2 Poems by Ivan Jenson

Anything is possible

“should have”
“could have”
are roommates
across the street
“what will be”
is the next door neighbor
to “what will never
ever happen
in a million years”
you live with
“make it happen”
but are thinking
about letting
“go with the flow”
crash for a few days
in any case
this afternoon
“anything is possible”
is out for a walk
so that is good


What's Wrong with wanting to be Rod Mckuen?

What's wrong with having a sun drenched
bearded face of a man
who writes free verse in a beach house?
What’s wrong with making millions
musing on loneliness?
What’s wrong with a husky, whispery
reading voice, that could hypnotize a seagull
What's wrong with being a songsmith, a wordsmith,
and a melancholy-smith
Go ahead and hang out with
the ambiguous crowd filled with fractured
I am going to stick with the barefoot poet
walking on the sand
who is willing to write about yet
another sunset or another one night stand


Ivan Jenson was born in LA . His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in publications such as Word Riot, The Write Place At the Write Time, Hidden City Quarterly,Thoughtsmith, Viral Cat, Lucid Rhythyms, Poetic Desperation and Bread & Circuses zine.