2 Poems by David LaBounty |

a Michigan poem

younger than me &
a stranger but

since she was a
customer I felt
entitled to tease
her about the
U of M ball cap
on the top of her
narrow &
forgettable face.

hey, she said
as I handed her
the change & keys,

my seven year
old daughter gave
me this hat for
mother’s day so
I gotta wear it
even though it
doesn’t match the
rest of my outfit
which was a velour
jogging suit, both
the jacket and pants
a deep wine red

but you know, she
said while turning
off her cell phone
as it buzzed from
the bowels of her
purse, I don’t
want her to
go to that school
when she grows up.

I want her to shave her legs,
I want her to be straight
and a Republican
like me so I hope
she goes to State
or maybe Central

and with that she walked away
I found myself
staring at her
flat and wine red ass,
at her hips so very
straight &


in the ignored garden

I am

not worth
writing about

as I bend
over, pull
only the


that grow
in the
flower beds,

my shorts
sagging, my

cracking as


and the


turn away.


David LaBounty's recent work has appeared in Pank, the New Plains Review, Night Train and other journals. His third novel, Affluenza will be published in 2009. Affluenza is a novel about patricide, debt, vanity, pyromania and consumerism told through the financial rise and fall of an insurance executive who lives beyond his means. David LaBounty lives in Michigan.