|| Poetry by Alyna Couture ||

Going On

I open the book,
I see the pictures there,
The pictures of you and me,
On our wedding day.
Page by page,
I can see our memories lying there,
Proof of our days together,
When we were happy and young,
Days when we were carefree,
Days when we had all that we needed.
What happened?
What went wrong?
When did things change?
Here I stand, looking down at you,
I ask myself these questions,
But no answers come to me.
Back then, I never thought to stand alone,
Yet, here I am, doing just that.
I ask myself,
What would you do?
And I know the answer,
You would pick up the pieces and go on.
And so I find myself doing that.


Alyna Couture is a 25 year old young woman with brown hair and hazel eyes, and about the rest her, well, that is subject to change without notice. She is a major bookworm, and she shamelessly admits that she is addicted to the Internet. Besides writing poetry, she also writes fanfiction and book reviews.