| Poetry by Daniel S. Irwin |

I Could Kick Myself

I could kick myself

For wasting four years

Studying Spanish when

Eventually, I just want

To live in Amsterdam.

It does come in handy

Talking to some of the

Inmates at the joint,

The ones that just speak

Español and no inglés.

Still, I question the value

Of being able to understand

This pervert nut case

When he explains that

The only reason He was

Trying to kill himself

Was to get to Heaven

'Cause someone told him

Angels take it up the butt.

Awe Inspiring

A backdrop of passion pink

And deep purple clouds

Floating in a sky of pale blue

Paint an awe inspiring

Winter sunset

Created by Nature or God.

The foreground of trees,

Now black silhouettes,

And a distant bonfire

Form a scene reminiscent

Of the surreal work of Dali.

Dali called himself

'The Great Masterbator'

Which made clear

His chosen pleasure.

In viewing his paintings,

He pleasures us as well,

but, of course and thankfully,

not quite in the same way.

Daniel S. Irwin is an artist/writer (both a matter of opinion) working as a medic in a maximum security prison with the criminally insane (also known as the 'supervisors'). Work published in the US and in various daring literary journals overseas which means little as each piece must stand on its own...which some have and some have been burned, shredded, and flushed away. Such is life.