WFTW Fuck The World Network!

By. Rob Plath

a certain stuffed disney animal whose loose eyes caused choking in over 25 children recently! news at eleven!

certain very popular fast food restaurant discovered anthrax mixed in its chili powder! news at eleven!

certain new mood elevator pill caused 18 patients to leap from windows to their deaths! news at eleven!

certain new compact car with factory flaws caused 30 accidents where passengers burned alive in their vehicles! news at eleven!

certain new popular hybrid dog attacked and mauled 12 infants! news at eleven!

certain chatter on internet and telephone lines speak of an imminent attack on 50 different shopping malls! news at eleven!

now a word from our sponsor: apocalyptical lenses! new sunglasses to filter out the approaching hellfire which will be engulfing the earth.
be right back!

Rob Plath is 37 years. He has published about 150 poems in 50 magazines and journals in print and online. He has one book of poetry called “Ashtrays and Bulls” (liquid paper press--home of the nerve cowboy) and two forthcoming, one from Cat Scan Press in the UK called “Sour Milk” for the soulless and another from Pooka Press in Canada which is not yet titled. He once studied with Allen Ginsberg at Brooklyn College from '95-97 and performed on a spoken word CD “Northport celebrates jack” --a tribute to Jack Kerouac. Since he has just become poetry editor of Whirligigzine - JD Finch's fiction and poetry magazine, which is in print and online. Rob lives in New York.