Issue #001 - Spring 2007 (Inaugural)

Patterns - Benjamin J. Picthall
Big Bliss - Tom Maimon
1 Poem - Mark Barkawitz 
Saying my Prayers - Chris Middleman
Nuclear Nostalgia - Verna Doherty
It Doesn't Take a Chicken to Realize - Lauren Lim 
Armageddon - Rachel Maldonado
The World is Falling Apart - Dominick Montalto
The Paragon - Douglas Silver
About that Day - Ashanti White
The Art of Growing Old - Autumn Turley 
Writer's Block - Allison Dunlap
Considering the Outcomes - Frank C.
On the Psychiatric Ward - Christopher Woods
Smokers Taking the Planet for Granted - Dean Maffie
Something About Something - K
A Day on the Other End - Rachel Grisham
Vanessa - Tanya Kathleen Fader
When Does it Start or Learning - Samer Tamimi
Big Bliss - Tom Maimon
Evolution - Maddie Ruud
In Response to the Shooting Death of a Young Man on a City Bus & Clearcut - Gail Sandonato
Ladron - Manuel Valdes  
Robert of Arabia - Rob Garza
Blur - Rick Werner Fahr


Detached Bodies Can Fly - Fiction by Alex Madrigal
Shore Birds - Fiction by Brent Bakeman
Pink Bath Water - Fiction by Lloyd Hudson Frye
Looking Through You