In response to the shooting death of a young man on a Boston city bus

By. Gail Sandonato

Las Mujeres
Almost sacred now in Spanish,
They stand in the village square,
Clothed in black,
Rosaries dripping from their fingers,
They mourn
Death, loss, and blood.

Abuelitas, madres, tias, hijas,
Las Mujeres,
They scream revenge,
Hear them cry,
On every corner,
In every language,
Las lacrimas del mundo.

Gail Sandonato is a poet and grandmother. Gail spent ten years living on a mountain in Central Maine, honing her craft. She has been writing poetry since she could put pen to paper, a very long time indeed. Some of Gail’s work has been published in books and newspapers. She now lives in the Boston area.