Considering the Outcomes

By. Frank C.

Considering the Outcomes
You can go to China and get yourself a liver
harvested from an executed man. Modern Science- it's fucking killer.
I'll never have to worry about my organs again.
Airport lounges are selling more liquor now that
everybody is afraid they're going to die. See those Muslims
praying on the tarmac- man you better kiss that cross
right before you fly.
She's got the money and the name recognition,
meet Hillary Clinton- she's your next president. She would
give us healthcare, she could end all welfare but Georgie went
to war and the rent is all spent.

Frank C. is a skilled barista with a Broadcast Journalism degree. Apparently he likes to pay attention to the subtle things he encounters while riding his bike through the City of Brotherly Love. Sometimes he will stop and take a picture. He claims to also find humor in world events. He claims this popped into his head one day while cleaning up somebody else’s mess.