List of Contributors


Aarini, Riya
Riya Aarini is an avid photographer and writer. She lives in the Midwest, where the variegated seasons offer much unique material to capture digitally. Riya enjoys the theater, where characters drown in sorrow and distress and become elated with pleasure and happiness.

Acker, Alan
Alan Acker is an attorney in Columbus, Ohio, who enjoys contemplating and writing about political, philosophical, and religious issues. Mr. Acker has published "Thirteen Truths About God and Life: Deeper Understanding and Deeper Thought" (Brighton Publishing) and writes a blog, The Examined Life (found at Mr. Acker is married to Lillian and they have four children and (currently) three grandchildren.

Aderibigbe, D.M.
D.M. Aderibigbe is a 23-year old writer from Lagos, Nigeria, an undergraduate student of History and Strategic Studies of the University of Lagos. He writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, plays and lyrics. His work has been published or forthcoming in the UK, Canada, Australia, Nepal, India, South Africa and the United States by, Vox Poetica, Pressboard press, UP Literature, HUSMW Press, The New Black Magazine, Misfits' Miscellany, Thickjam, Ditch Poetry, Bluepepper,The Applicant, Rusty Nail, Jellyfish Whispers, Wordriot, Pyrokinection, Red River Review, Carcinogenic Poetry, Deadbeats, Napalm and Novocain and Kritya. His poems have been included in the anthology ON THE WORDS OF LOVE by the Canadian group, Poets with Voices Strong. His debut book of fiction, Sisyphean, will be published in America, soon. He lives and schools in Lagos.

Adria, Natasha
Natasha Adria studied Creative Writing at University of Southern California until she dropped out to go into a career in fashion design. Nonetheless, she always has a journal with her or is scribbling on cocktail napkins in the corners of bars. Currently, she works in Manhattan, lives in Brooklyn, and tries to create something every single day, be it poetry, music, art, food or money. She stands behind her diction, her juxtaposition of grit & femininity, and the vulnerability of her poetry. She writes the way she lives-- unedited and unapologetically. At her last poetry reading she was standing on a chair in front of her neighborhood bar then fell backwards two stanzas into her second poem straight onto her back and head. She was bleeding profusely. On her walk home, she gave every passerby a bloody high five.

Agudelo, Kristin
Kristin Agudelo grew up in Malaysian Borneo and exotic New Jersey. She is a currently a writer and high school humanities teacher at Merriconeag Waldorf school in Freeport, Maine. Her blog on women’s history and literature can be found at

Alexandra, Zoe
Zoe Alexandra is a writer from New York City. Her writing has appeared in various online and print publications including Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 (Cleis Press), My Time – Lunch Book (Poet Plant Press), Zygote in My Coffee, Deconstruction Quarterly, and Silenced Press.

Alford, Bruce
Bruce Alford’s first collection, Terminal Switching was published in 2007 (Elk River Review Press). He received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama and was an assistant professor of creative writing at the University of South Alabama from 2007-2011. He has published fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry in journals such as the African American Review, Comstock Review, Imagination & Place Press, Louisiana Literature, and many others. He currently lives in Mobile, Alabama.

Allen, Caroline
Caroline Allen has been a lecturer at the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara for over 25 years. Her work has appeared in Solo Novo, Lumina, Mary, Spectrum, and The Santa Barbara Independent, among others. She is also a painter.

Andreoni, Michael
Michael Andreoni's stories have appeared in U. of Chicago/Euphony, Pif, Iconoclast, Calliope, Defenestration, Ducts, and other publications. He lives near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Amber, Ian
Ian Ambler is a civil engineer as well as a navy veteran. He was a naval officer in the Civil Engineer Corps from 2011 to 2015 and was stationed in DC, California, and Guantanamo Bay. He will begin his graduate studies in Creative Writing in fall of 2016. He currently lives in Bothell, Washington.

Annagu, Francis
Francis Annagu is a poet living in Nigeria, whose poems have featured in the PIN Poetry Challenge and Black Satin Radio.

Anson, Greg
Greg Anson lives in Seattle, Washington.

Ang, Arlene
Arlene Ang lives in Spinea, Italy. Her poetry has appeared in alice blue, Anemone Sidecar, Caffeine Destiny, DMQ Review and Staple Magazine. She received the 2006 Frogmore Poetry Prize (UK) and serves as a poetry editor for The Pedestal Magazine and Press 1.

Aprile, Francesco
Francesco Aprile's research is documented on An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (edited by Tim Gaze and Micheal Jacobson for Uitgeverij Ed. in 2013) and A Sud del Sud dei Santi. Cento anni di Poesia in Puglia (edited by Michelangelo Zizzi, Lietocolle, 2013), and international journal and review as Verde (Rome), S/V Revue (Lyon), Rivista di Studi Italiani (Toronto), La Clessidra (Edizioni Joker, Florence), Otoliths (Australia), Il foglio clandestino (Milan), Rem Magazine (New Zeland), Compostxt (Italy),Il Paese Nuovo / Spagine (Italy) and so on. For Diversalità Poetiche, review directed by Francesco Pasca, have curated the numbers: L'irregolare. Renato Leopizzi (October 2012), New Page (July 2013), Il meta-salentino. F. S. Dòdaro(October 2013).

Armone, Anthony
Anthony Armone is an undergraduate at the University of San Francisco.

Ayles, Daniel
Daniel Ayles is a Portland, Oregon-based artist whose work bridges the gap between the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. If you are interested in exploring his body of work further, you can see examples of his art in the 2012 August issue of The Horror Zine here: You may also view two collaborative pieces he did with Tiffany Luna in the 2012 November issue of The Horror Zine:


Baldwin, Doug
Doug Baldwin drives a forklift in Minneapolis. He was a 2008 CommonLine Honorable Mention.

Barkawitz, Mark
Mark Barkawitz has earned local and national awards for his fiction, poetry, essay, and screenwriting. His work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals & anthologies, ‘zines, and on dozens of websites. He has IMDb feature film credits as screenwriter, actor, & associate producer for“Turn of the Blade” (NorthStar Ent.) and as supporting actor in“The Killing Time” (New World Pictures). He’s taught creative writing classes, coached a championship track team of student/athletes, and ran the 2001 L.A. Marathon in 3:44:42. He lives with his wife and has two kids in Pasadena, CA.

Barnes, Christopher
In 1998 Christopher Barnes won a Northern Arts writers award. In July 200 he read at Waterstones bookshop to promote the anthology 'Titles Are Bitches'. Christmas 2001 he debuted at Newcastle's famous Morden Tower doing a reading of his poems. Each year he read for Proudwords lesbian and gay writing festival and he partakes in workshops. 2005 saw the publication of his collection LOVEBITES published by Chanticleer Press, 6/1 Jamaica Mews, Edinburgh. The South Bank Centre in London recorded Christopher's poem "The Holiday I Never Had", he can be heard reading it on

Barone, Stephen
Stephen Barone resides in Portland, OR where he is currently working towards a masters in special education. His work has been featured in Chiron Review.

Barr, Terry
Terry Barr is a Professor of Creative Writing at Presbyterian College in
Clinton, South Carolina, and lives in Greenville, SC, with his wife and
two daughters. He has had essays published in Steel Toe Review, Four Ties Lit Review,
Orange Quarterly, The Golden Triangle, Marco Polo Arts Magazine,
Poetica Magazine, Prime Number, The Montreal Review, American Literary
Review, and moonShine review.

Bass, Ellen
Ellen Bass's poetry books include The Human Line (Copper Canyon Press), named a Notable Book of 2007 by the San Francisco Chronicle and Mules of Love (BOA, 2002), which won the Lambda Literary Award. Her poems have been published in The Atlantic Monthly, The Kenyon Review, American Poetry Review and many other journals. Her non-fiction books include The Courage to Heal and Free Your Mind. She teaches in the MFA program at Pacific University and at conferences and retreats nationally and internationally. (

Barbare, Danny
Danny P. Barbare resides in South Carolina. His poetry has recently appeared in Apiary, The Round, Askew, and Calico Tiger.

Barker, Lucile
Lucile Barker is a Toronto poet, writer and activist. Since 1994, she has been the co-ordinator of the Joy of Writing, a weekly workshop at the Ralph Thornton Centre. Her recent poetry and prose publications include poems in The Big Scarborough Art Book, Linden Avenue, and Decades Review. Her poetry has appeared on posters and in the 2013 Digging to the Roots Calendar. Her recent fiction published in The Quotable, Memewar, and Green Briar Review. Upcoming work will be appearing in Paper Plates, Mixitini Matrix and Subterranean Blue Review.

Bauerlein, Luke
Luke Bauerlein tutors English full time at West Chester University. A recent graduate of West Chester, Luke has had poems published in the Mid-America Poetry Review and was a major contributor to An Evening in Winter, a collaborative spoken word poetry album due to be released this October. He was a 2008 CommonLine Noteworthy Selection.

Beaton, Caroline
Caroline Beaton graduated from Colorado College magna cum laude with a degree in Creative Writing and attended the University of Cambridge’s Summer Writing Program in 2013. Her work has been published in Necessary Fiction Magazine, Elephant Journal and HOLSTEE Magazine, among other places. In addition to being a writer, Caroline does marketing for a chai company and teaches yoga.

Bell, Braden
B. Bell has written from a sun room in midtown Detroit, a garage in the Hollywood Hills, a high-rise patio north of Trondheim, Norway, and, most recently, from a guesthouse south of Portland, OR. He types on a Brother Charger II and has had works published in The Portland Review, The Detroit MetroTimes and with various online venues.

Bell, Christopher S.
Christopher S. Bell is twenty-nine years of age. He has been writing and releasing literary and musical works through My Idea of Fun since 2008. His sound projects include Emmett and Mary, Technological Epidemic, C. Scott and the Beltones, and Fine Wives. My Idea of Fun is an art and music collective based out of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. ( . Christopher’s work has recently been published in the Broadkill Review, Madison Review, Red Rock Review, Mobius, Gesture, and on He was also a contributor to Impression of Sound

Bella, Lana
Lana Bella has a diverse work of poetry and flash fiction published and forthcoming with Anak Sastra, Atlas Poetica, Bareback Magazine, Bewildering Stories, Beyond Imagination, Buck-Off Magazine, Calliope Magazine, Cecile's Writers' Magazine, Dead Snakes Poetry, Deltona Howl, Earl of Plaid Lit, Eunoia Review, Eye On Life Magazine, Family Travel Haiku, First Literary Review-East, Five Willows Literary Review, Foliate Oak Literary, Garbanzo Literary Journal, Global Poetry, Ken*Again, Kind Of A Hurricane Press, Literary Orphans, Marco Polo Arts Literary, Mothers Always Write, Nature Writing, New Plains Review, Poetry Pacific, Snapping Twigs, Spank The Carp, The Camel Saloon, The Bangalore Review, The Bleeding Lion, The Commonline Journal, The Criterion Journal, The Higgs Weldon, The Screech Owl, The Voices Project, Thought Notebook Undertow Tanka Review, Wordpool Press, Beyond The Sea Anthology, War Anthology: We Go On, Wilderness House Literary Review, Featured Artist with Quail Bell Magazine. She resides on some distant isle with her novelist husband and two frolicsome imps.

Bellile, Heidi
Heidi Bellile lives on a small farm in Southern Indiana, where she works in a psychiatric hospital. She has a Bachelor of Science in Child Development, a Special Education teaching certificate and is working towards a Masters in Mental Health counseling.Recently, she has started writing poetry. She has written over two hundred poems in the last three years.

Belth, Rachel
Rachel Belth is a technical communicator, creative nonfiction writer, and poet with a particular affinity for foreign words and Dostoevsky. She is excited about her impending graduation from Cedarville University, when she will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Technical and Professional Communication. She writes by turns from Cedarville, Ohio, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Some of her work is published or forthcoming in *82 Review and Jewish Literary Journal.

Berche, Chrystal
Chrystal writes. Hard times, troubled times, the lives of her characters are never easy, but then what life is? The story is in the struggled, the journey, the triumphs and the falls. She writes about artists, musicians, loners, drifters, dreamers, hippies, bikers, truckers, hunters and all the other things she knows and loves. Sometimes she writes urban romance and sometimes its aliens crash landing near a roadside bar. When she isn’t writing she’s taking pictures, or curled up with a good book and a kitty on her lap.

Bishop, George
George Bishop is the author of five chapbooks. His full length collection, “Expecting Delays”, was published by FutureCycle Press in January 2013. Recent work appears in New Plains Review, Naugatuck River Review and Sakura Review. Forthcoming work will be featured in Cold Mountain Review. Bishop attended Rutgers University and now lives and writes in Saint Cloud, Florida.

Biswas, Broteen
Broteen Biswas pursued a bachelor's in Information Technology degree from NIT DURGAPUR and is now working as an associate software engineer. He is an avid reader and a big football fan.

Bennett, Eleanor
Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 16 year old internationally award winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National Geographic, The World Photography Organisation, Nature's Best Photography, Papworth Trust, Mencap, The Woodland trust and Postal Heritage. Her photography has been published in the Telegraph , The Guardian, BBC News Website and on the cover of books and magazines in the United states and Canada. Her art is globally exhibited , having shown work in London, Paris, Indonesia, Los Angeles,Florida, Washington, Scotland,Wales, Ireland,Canada,Spain,Germany, Japan, Australia and The Environmental Photographer of the year Exhibition (2011) amongst many other locations. She was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus run See The Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year Of Biodiversity 2010.

Berriozabal, Luis Cuauhtemoc
Luis works in the mental health field in Los Angeles, CA. His chapbooks, Keepersof Silence and Without Peace, were published by Kendra Steiner Editions in 2007.His first book of poetry, Raw Materials, was published by Pygmy Forest Press in 2004.

Birchmier, Isaac
Isaac Birchmier is a writer from Helena, Montana. He has been featured in a number of publications, including Sidereal Journal, The Oval, theEEEL, 101 Words, among others.

Blair, J.D.
J.D. Blair developed a 30-year career in journalism and television production as a Writer/Producer and was nominated twice for Emmys. Since 2000 he has been writing plays, short fiction, essays and poetry and has had publishing success in each genre.

Blake, Demond
Demond Blake was born in Las Vegas in 1979. He moved to Los Angeles in the 80s and spent his childhood moving from my parents in LA, my grandparents in Las Vegas and my Uncle's in Manhattan. After graduating high school he briefly enrolled at Redlands University and wrote his first book, 'Limbo,' which sold copies at campuses around Southern California pricing the book to just recoup printing costs. He feels he has something to say about his generation as a whole and his new book 'Slackass' is the result. It's prequel, 'Sputnik,' is in the works while he is still seeking publication for 'Slackass.'

Blome, William C.
William C. Blome is a writer of poetry and short fiction. He lives in-between Baltimore and Washington, DC, and he is a master’s degree graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars. His work has previously seen the light of day in such fine little mags as The Commonline Journal, Amarillo Bay, Prism International, Laurel Review, The Oyez Review, Orion headless, Salted Feathers, and The California Quarterly.

Boon, Carl
Carl Boon lives and works in Izmir, Turkey. His poems appear in dozens of magazines, most recentlyTwo Thirds North, Jet Fuel Review, Blast Furnace, and the Kentucky Review.

Booth, Brenton
Brenton Booth resides in Sydney, Australia. Other work of his has recently appeared in 3:AM Magazine, Thunder Sandwich, Dead Snakes, Yellow Mama, The Mindless Muse, Underground Voices, Storm Cycle, and Dogzplot.

Boucheron, Robert
Robert Boucheron is an architect in Charlottesville, Virginia, website His academic degrees are Harvard, B. A. in English, and Yale, M. Arch. His stories, essays and book reviews appear in 2014 in Belle Rêve, Bangalore Review, Coup d’État, Digital Americana, Digital Papercut, Lowestoft Chronicle, Outside In Literary & Travel, Piedmont Virginian, Poydras Review, Ray’s Road Review, Short Fiction, Work Literary Magazine, and The Write Place at the Write Time.

Bouras, Eman
Eman Bouras lives in Florida with her guinea pig and two dogs. She studies Biology, and enjoys spending her weekends outdoors.

Brown, Jonathan
Jonathan Brown graduated with a BA in Communication from the College of Charleston and an MA in Writing and Consciousness from Then New College of California. He is currently working on his MFA at The University of New Orleans. He was the winner of the 2010 and 2012 Tennessee Williams Literary Festival Poetry Slam in New Orleans. His poems have been published in the Worcester Review, Ampersand, The Nashville Review and Indiefeed: Performance Poetry. He recently received the John Woods Scholarship to study in Prague.

Brown, Michael D., Ph.D
Michael Brown is an American Award winning poet, author of 17 books including 6 volumes of poetry. He is an international lecturer and literary reviewer who currently teaches Chinese Ph.D.s in China's former capital city Nanjing. Michael's latest book: "Brown's Simplified English Grammar," is availabe with Mandarin translation. Michael's poetry has been published widely in magazines, newspapers, and journal internationally for the past 20 years. Brown's new poems slated for an upcoming poetry collection reflecting his time in China have appeared in 22 literary journals between November 2011 and June 2012, including journals such as: The Tower, Kalkion, Red Fez, Mad Swirl, Areopagus Magazine,Nexxus, Black Magnolias, A little poetry, and Velvet Illusion.

Browne, Melanie
Melanie Browne's poetry has appeared in various online journals including Madswirl and Gloom Cupboard. Her first Chapbook, Heaven is a Giant Pawn Shop is available from Erbacce Press. She is a co-editor at Leaf Garden Press.

Buffam, Suzanne
Suzanne Buffam is the author of Past Imperfect (Anansi, 2005), a poetry collection which won the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award in 2006. She teaches creative writing at the University of Chicago.

Burke, Wayne
Wayne Burke's work has appeared in FORGE, miller's pond, and Northeast Corridor. He was poet-of-the-month in Bareback, 7-13.

Burton, Melissa
Melissa Burton, the co-founder and website developer for LitBridge lives in Dallas, TX. She has a M.S. in Human Computer Interaction from Iowa State University (ISU).

Bush, Zachary C.
Zachary C. Bush, 23, is a writer of poetry and prose. He lives in Statesboro, Georgia. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in various small press journals and e-zines including The Noneuclidean Cafe, Underground Voices, Thieves Jargon, VOX Journal, Zygote in My Coffee [# 4], R.KV.R.Y Quarterly, Word Riot, and GHOTI Magazine. He is the author of two forthcoming chapbooks through Scintillating Publications and Pudding House Publications. He is currently organizing his first full-collection of poetry.


J.J. Campbell
J.J. Campbell (1976 - ?) is currently trapped in suburbia. He's been widely published over the years, most recently at In Between Hangovers, Tuck Magazine, Your One Phone Call, Rusty Truck and Misfit Magazine. You can find J.J. most days bitching about something on his highly entertaining blog, evil delights.

Carver, Marc
Marc Carver has published six books of poetry and works as an editor for a site in New York. He has had about three hundred poems published around the world but most of all he hopes people enjoy his work and it inspires them to pick up the pen and turn the tv off.

Cassal, Adina
Adina Cassal has resided in the Washington, DC area all her adult life. Before that, she lived in six countries and acquired a love of languages, music and cats. She works providing human services to people she deeply respects. She has been published in Alimentum as well as previously in The Commonline Journal.

Catlin, Alan
Alan Catlin has been publishing since the 70’s: from the mimeos to the Internet. His last full length book of poetry is “Alien Nation.” He is currently working on a sequel under the working title, “Beautiful Mutants."

Cesaretti, Robert Paul
Robert Paul Cesaretti has published in Plain Brown Wrapper, The Atherton Review, Gambling the Aisle, SNReview, Dark Matter Magazine. He is the founding editor of Ginosko Literary Journal, He is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Chabrow, Bryan
Bryan Chabrow is an eighteen-year old poet, songwriter, and playwright who has been published in things such as the Susquehanna University Apprentice Writer and Poetics Noire. Bryan enjoys cute women, late night conversations and driving with the windows down. In the fall he will attend Emerson College in Boston where he will major in "Writing, literature, and publishing."

Chandrasegaram, Priya
Priya Chandrasegaram has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University and has been previously been published in The Dubliner magazine.

Chatterjee, Kanchan
Kanchan Chatterjee is a 44 year old male executive, working in the ministry of finance, government of India. Although he does not have any literary background, he loves poetry and scribbles whenever he gets the time and inclination. He is from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India.

Chatterjee, Sanchita
Sanchita is a photographer, writer and researcher based in New Delhi, India. Sanchita's photos and writings have been published in the Statesman, the Times of India, the Telegraph (Kolkata), National Geographic Traveller India, Cha, iUnbound, MidDay, Public Books, academic journals etc.

Cheever-Gessaman, Lisbeth
Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman is an avid logophile and inkslinger whose obsession with words begain at the age of two. She's an Associate Editor at CommonLine, as well as, the former Sr. Poetry Editor for Mused Literary Review. Her works have appeared in Kimera, Zuzu's Petals andWriters Digest . She currently lives full-time in a modifed gypsy caravan traveling hither and thither in search of the eclectic esoteric. She only occasionally likes to bite.

Chin, Michael
Michael Chin was born and raised in Utica, New York and is currently an MFA candidate in creative writing at Oregon State University. He won the $1,000 2014 Jim Knudsen Editor’s Prize for fiction from the University of New Orleans and has previously published fiction and poetry in over twenty journals including Bayou Magazine, The Rappahannock Review, and The Pacific Review. Follow him on Twitter @miketchin.

Cirelli, Michael
Michael Cirelli is the Executive Director of Urban Word NYC and the author of Lobster with Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Hanging Loose, 2008) and Vacations on the Black Star Line (Hanging Loose, 2009). He was featured on season 5 of Russell Simmons Def Poetry, and has his MFA in poetry from the New School. His newest collection, The Situation: Jersey Shore Poems, is forthcoming from Penmanship Books.

Clevenger, Wanda Morrow
Wanda Morrow Clevenger is author of This Same Small Town in Each of Us, a collection of nonfiction, poetry and flash fiction. Over 190 pieces of her work may be found in 72 print and electronic publications. For access to published works, review and interview links, and work in progress, visit:

Cline, Eric
Eric Cline is a gay poet currently residing in Dumfries, Virginia. He received his bachelor's degree in psychology and creative writing from Longwood University. His work is forthcoming in Crab Fat Magazine.

Cobaine, Dane
Dane Cobain (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK) is an independent poet, musician and storyteller with a passion for language and learning. When he’s not in front of a screen writing stories and poetry, he can be found working on his book review blog or developing his website, His debut novella, No Rest for the Wicked, was released by Booktrope in the Summer of 2015.

Colline, Virginie
Virginie Colline lives and writes in Paris. Her poems have appeared in The Scrambler, Bakwa Magazine, In Other Words: Mérida, The Red Ceilings, The Applicant, Certain Circuits, The Fat City Review, Blue Skies Poetry, Literary Juice, Silver Birch Press, The Bangalore Review, Hothouse Magazine, Poems Underwater, Creative Thresholds, Turk's Head Review, Subliminal Interiors and Japanorama, among others.

Connolly, Grace
Grace Connolly lives in Harlem, NY. She currently studies at the UCLA writers extension and has been previously published by Blazevox, Scars Publications and numerous blogs. She enjoys road trips and playing ball with her Patterdale Terrier.

Cook, Nahshon
Nahshon Cook lives in Thailand. His collection of poems The Killing Fields and Other Poems will be published in 2015 by Shabda Press.

Cooper, Jonathan
Originally from the Bay Area, Jonathan Cooper lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he works in the real estate business. His poems and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in various publications including The New Plains Review, The Statesmen Journal, Radix Magazine, and The Vancouver Sun.

Copeland, Deborah
Deborah Copeland graduated from Yale University with her Bachelor’s Degree in English and she received her Masters of Arts from New York University. While at Yale, she became the research assistant to Yale Sterling Professor and literary critic, Harold Bloom, working (initially under my birth name, Kroplick) on several of Professor Bloom’s books including The Best Poems of the English Language and Where Shall Wisdom Be Found.

Cox, D.B.
DB Cox can be found in the early-morning hours, bent over a Fender Stratocaster guitar, in roadhouses and juke joints throughout the south. He describes his playing style as "a look at life through drunken, godless eyes" To quiet his tortured soul, he writes. He has published four books of poetry. His first chapbook is entitled "Passing For Blue", and is available from Rank Stranger Press. Two other chapbooks, "Lowdown" and "Ordinary Sorrows", are available from Pudding House Publications. His latest collection called "Empty Frames" can be picked up on-line at Main Street Rag Publishing. D.B. Cox was a 2008 CommonLine Honorable Mention.

Craig, Bob
Bob Craig is a Western Canadian artist whose path in the fine arts has led him to a unique expression of mood and color through collage and mixed media. He has explored numerous forms of art and craft; painting in watercolor and oils, pottery, sculpture and bead-making, to name a few. He has also worked in art restoration and education. Bob often prefers to think of himself as a craftsman, constructing, or interpreting imagery and messages from his conscious and subconscious mind. His work has appeared in juried exhibits in New Zealand, Italy, Canada, the US and most recently in Switzerland where he was awarded first prize in the mixed media free subject category at SEETAL 2006

Craig, Geoffrey
Geoffrey Craig’s fiction, poetry and drama have appeared in numerous literary journals, including the New Plains Review, Calliope, Foliate Oak, Spring – the Journal of the E.E. Cummings Society and The MacGuffin. He has received two Pushcart Prize nominations. In January 2016, Prolific Press published his novel, Scudder’s Gorge. Previously, Wilderness House Literary Review had serialized both his verse novel, The Brave Maiden, and his novella, Snow.

Crate, Linda
Linda M. Crate is a Pennsylvanian native born in Pittsburgh, but she was raised in the rural town of Conneautville. She attended and graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a degree in English-Literature in 2009. Her poetry, articles, reviews, and short stories have appeared in several journals online and in print.

Creel, HR
HR Creel has been around a while, but is getting too old not to write.

Creston, Jim
Jim Creston is a contemporary poet residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Some of his recent works have been published in the online magazines CUIB-NEST-NIDO and In Your Face Radio. Jim has released his first book of collected poems titled Don't Swallow The Toothpaste.

Cronin, A.F.
A.F.Cronin was born and raised in New England where he spent many hours roaming the woods and participating in sports. He also loved to read. He attended university and studied literature which did little more that confuse him, as the highly intellectual "deconstructivist" approach seemed to drain the literature of it's beauty and mystery.

Cross, David
David Cross lives in Cambridge, Ontario. His writing often blends the lives and characters of his hometown with those he has encountered on journeys (both real and imagined) throughout North America. His poetry has appeared in Cause & Effect Magazine, and his collection entitled "Colour of Days" was published in book form in 2007.

Cusimano, Alessandro
Son of a painter and a teacher, Alessandro Cusimano was born in Palermo, Italy, on July 2, 1967. He lives in Rome, where he is a writer, poet, and playwright with a special focus on the visual arts ranging from painting to cinema, from photography to theatre. Expressivist poet, he freely refers to peripheral and irregular languages, drawing on dialect, slang, and various sectorial and technical forms of expression, which he recreates with personal inventions and varying intensity in every moment of his literary production. He appeared recently on the international literary stage. Some of his writings have been published by The Cynic Online Magazine, Decanto Magazine, The Recusant, Streetcake Magazine, Exercise Bowler, Bewildering Stories, Numinous Magazine, Weirdyear, Anothrealm, Deadman’s Tome, RED OCHRE Lit, Emerging Visions and Misfits' Miscellany.


Daly, Jessica
Jessica Daly studied English at the University of Pittsburgh and is currently a English teacher at a public high school in Philadelphia. She received the CommonLine Honorable Mention for poetry in 2008.

Dandaleiro, Lala Lopezregis
Lala Lopezregis Dandaleiro is a High School Teacher of English in Springfield, Illinois, and a Graduate of the University of Illinois Springfield.

Daniels, Carl Miller
Carl Miller Daniels lives in the United States. He's not a cowboy, but thinks about them a lot. His poems have appeared in many nice places, including Assaracus, BareBack Magazine, Chiron Review, Citizens for Decent Literature, The Commonline Journal, DNA Magazine, FUCK!, My Favorite Bullet, Thieves Jargon, and Zygote in my Coffee. His book Saline was recently published by Interior Noise Press, and, even more recently, his chapbook Be Kind to Strangers was published by BareBackPress. Daniels and his partner, Jon (aka "the sweetest man in the world"), have lived together for over 30 years. And, if you wanted to read a couple interviews that Daniels did a while back, you could click these two links.

Dasgupta, Sayantan
Sayantan Dasgupta is a 21 year old boy from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He holds a Bachelors degree in English Literature from the University of Calcutta. He is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Linguistics from the same university. He writes poems, essays and short stories in both his Mothertounge Bengali and English.

Dash, Dr. Pratap Kumar
Dr. Pratap Kumar Dash teaches English at Sebha University, Libya. He has published his writings in CLRI, The Taj Mahal Review, RJLCS, Orissa Review etc.

Davis, Melissa
Melissa Davis is a doctoral student and has research published in the American Reading Forum Yearbook. She has had poetry and fiction published in journals such as The Circle Review and Leaves of Ink. She has also been a teacher of primary students for several years.

Day, Holly
Holly Day is a housewife and mother of two living in Minneapolis, Minnesota who teaches needlepoint classes for the Minneapolis school district and writing classes at The Loft Literary Center. Her poetry has recently appeared in Borderlands, Slant, and The Mom Egg, and she is the recipient of the 2011 Sam Ragan Poetry Prize from Barton College. Her most recent published books are "Walking Twin Cities" and "Notenlesen für Dummies Das Pocketbuch," and her novel, “The Trouble With Clare,” is due out from Hydra Publications late 2013.

Day, Vida
Vida Day is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, Ca. Her work has been featured in Eclipse, A Literary Journal.

D'Costa, Michelle
Michelle D'Costa is 22 years old. She never imagined she would be writing so much someday. You can follow her fiction/poetry here.

Dean, Eric
Eric I. Dean (Tulsa, OK) writes because he enjoys it.

DeHart, JD
JD DeHart is the author of The Truth About Snails, a chapbook. His main blog is and he is a staff writer for Verse-Virtual.

Dell'Aquila, Mike
Mike Dell’Aquila is the co-founder and editor of Farmhouse Magazine ( He graduated from Penn State University with a BA in English and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in English at Brooklyn College. His writing has appeared in Kalliope: A Penn State Literary Magazine, Barcid Homily, The Riverside Press-Enterprise, Buckmasters Magazine, The Outdoor Channel Magazine and Farmhouse Magazine. He is also recently completed his first novel.

Demaree, Darren C.
Darren C. Demaree's poems have appeared, or are scheduled to appear in numerous magazines/journals, including the South Dakota Review, Meridian, The Louisville Review, Diagram, and the Colorado Review. He is the author of "As We Refer To Our Bodies" (2013, 8th House), "Temporary Champions" (2014, Main Street Rag), "The Pony Governor" (2015, After the Pause Press), and "Not For Art Nor Prayer" (2015, 8th House). He is the Managing Editor of the Best of the Net Anthology. He is currently living and writing in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and children.

Diaz, James
James Diaz lives in upstate New York. His poems and stories have appeared in Collective Exile, Ditch, Pismire, Cheap Pop Lit and My Favorite Bullet.

Dick, Jonathan
Jonathan Dick is a 22 year old poet and human being from Toronto, Canada. He has recently graduated from Huron University College with a major in English Language and Literature. You may have seen his recent work in The Steel Chisel, The Write Place at the Write Time, Indiana Voice Journal, Poetry Super Highway, or Silver Birch Press. Twitter: @jjdickyboy Email:

Divine, Josh
Josh Divine holds a math degree from the University of Northern Colorado. He currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife and daughter. He will be attending Yale Law School beginning in the fall of 2013 and has authored one novel, "The Revival."

Djuric, George
George Djuric is a former rally racing champion, master chess player, taxi driver, street fighter, student of anti-psychiatry and philosophy, broker with Morgan Stanley… and a writer all the way. Published a critically acclaimed collection of short stories that altered Yugoslav literary scene - 'The Metaphysical Stories' - was dubbed Borges of the Balkans, as well as reborn Babel. Djuric infiltrates flashes from his vivid past into fictional alchemy for the salient taste of the 21st century.

Dodds, Colin
Colin Dodds grew up in Massachusetts and completed his education in New York City. His poetry has appeared in more than a hundred fifty publications, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. The poet and songwriter David Berman (Silver Jews, Actual Air) said of Dodds’ work: “These are very good poems. For moments I could even feel the old feelings when I read them.” Dodds is also the author of several novels, including WINDFALL and The Last Bad Job, which the late Norman Mailer touted as showing “something that very few writers have; a species of inner talent that owes very little to other people.” And his screenplay, Refreshment, was named a semi-finalist in the 2010 American Zoetrope Contest. Colin lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife Samantha. You can find more of his work at

Dolphin, Lara
Lara Dolphin is a writer and poet. Her work has appeared in print and online in such publications as “Fogged Clarity,” “Orbis,” “The Foliate Oak Literary Journal” and “Calliope.” You can find more of her work at

Doss, J. Pharoah
J. Pharoah Doss is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier. He blogs at, and he is author of The Foolish one (or the facilitator of failure) A Graphic Volume of poetry.

Douglas, Margaret Eden
Margaret Eden Douglas lives in Brooklyn. She grew up in New Hampshire. She hasn't gone to college yet and has mostly studied writing at the library.

Draime, Doug
Doug Draime's most recent book is "Los Angeles Terminal: Poems 1971-1980" (Covert Press). Forthcoming from Tainted Coffee Press, "Dancing On The Skids". He has been a presence in the underground literature movement since the formative 1960's.

Dunn, Robin Wyatt
Robin Wyatt Dunn: the subject is affable, with an ingratiating attitude towards authority. Nervous around uniforms, the subject grinds his teeth. Careful gait analysis reveals populist sentiments, but speech patterns reveal elitist attitudes. No registered handguns in the name of the subject, but known to carry a knife. Approach with caution.

Dunn, Stephen
Stephen Dunn was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his collection Different Hours. He has also been a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award and has received an Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Dunn lives in Frostburg, Maryland and teaches at Richard Stockton College in New Jersey.


Eberhard, Tonya
Tonya Eberhard recently graduated from the University of Missouri. She currently lives in Minnesota. Her work has appeared in Dirty Chai, Lingerpost, Yellow Chair Review, Open Minds Quarterly, Sun & Sandstone, among others.

Edelstein, Jocelyn
Jocelyn Edelstein is a writer, filmmaker and dance teacher based in Portland, Oregon. Her previous writing has been published in Best Women's Travel Writing 2011 and Best Women's Travel Writing Vol. 8. Her feature length documentary, Believe The Beat, which follows a group of dancers on the
streets of Rio de Janeiro, can be previewed at

Edwards, Michael
Michael Edwards is a 23 year old writer from Connecticut. Michael has forthcoming work to be published in The Bitchin' Kitsch in May.

Einersen, Brian
Brian Einersen draws cartoons, writes stand-up comedy and performs it too. His website is , and he also posts new comics here.

Enevoldsen, Michael
Michael Enevoldsen lives in Denmark just outside the capital of Copenhagen. He has education as both a gardener and preschool teacher. The latter he finished at the University College of the city of Roskilde in 2015. His interests include literature, metaphysics, philosophy, meditation and nature – particularly bird watching and hiking. His poem She lights the moon will publish in Lummox Poetry Anthology 4 .

Evans, Jessica
Jessica Evans is a 30 year old writer from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the author of innumerable poems, short stories and an unpublished novel. In Columbus, Ohio she is an active participant in the local writing community, both as the social media intern for Evening Street Review, as well as a member of Salon, a poetry group part of Pudding Magazine. As a current student at Spalding University, she is in active pursuit of her Masters in Fine Art, Fiction. Interests outside of reading and writing include yoga and running.

Farnood Jahangiri
Farnood Jahangiri is Baha'i' and Iranian, became a student of English at BIHE after being expelled from University in Iran, and has been been telling poetry since 15 years old: first in Persian and then in English.

Felice, Amanda
Amanda Felice is currently a composition instructor at Missouri Western State University in Saint Joseph, Missouri. She has an M.A. in Written Communication and have recently published a memoir titled "Dad" in HalfwayDowntheStairs, an online journal. She is also working on a book about media and its effect on our society, particularly young women.

Felix, David
David Felix is an English visual poet who comes from a family of artists, magicians and tailors.
Born in Wales, UK, sometime during the last century, he was raised on oil paint, sleight of hand and Singer sewing machines. For over fifty years David has been working with language in a visual way - a long history in paint and collage, in three dimensions, in galleries and festivals, publications, performances and video.
He now lives on the island of Funen, in southern Denmark.

Fetters, Jefferson
Jefferson Fetters lives and works in downtown Seattle.

Fisher, Luka
Luka Fisher is a Los Angeles based artist, translator and creative producer known for his frequent collaborations, mixed media projects, and work with musicians and film makers. He helps produce and manage Terminal A, an avant garde electronic death rock band that LA Weekly listed as one of the 15 bands to watch out for in 2015 and several other groups on Records Ad Nauseam. He also publishes an ongoing arts an letters magazine titled "BETEP" (the wind). He has also collaborated with a wide range of artists, writers and photographers including---Dash Hobbeheydar, Brian Pulido, Leila Jarman, Mike Leisz, and Matthew Kaundart. . His work and collaborations have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Ad Week, Headmaster, Nat Brut, Razorcake, and in numerous other places.

Flanders, Eunice
Eunice Flanders teaches 8th grade English and teaches Writing and Communication at Berklee College of Music to freshman.

Flanagan, Daniel N.
Daniel N. Flanagan is a Worcester, MA native. He has a few poetry publications, and is currently shopping around a novella comprised mainly of short stories, supplemented with poetry. He is a college student and spends his free time writing and exercising.

Foglio, Hailey
Hailey Foglio hails from the nonexistent town of Salem, Wisconsin, where she spends an awful lot of time reading John Green novels. She is a pig enthusiast.

Forrest, Allen
Allen Forrest's work is a mix of avant-garde expressionism and post-Impressionist elements reminiscent of van Gogh. Allen Forrest can be found at his website or on twitter.

Fox, Bobby
Bobby Fox is the award-winning writer of several short stories, plays, poems, a novel and 15 feature length screenplays. Two of his screenplays have been optioned to Hollywood. His works have been published in the The Naked Feather, The Medulla Review, Lap Top Lit Mag, The Path, Contemporary Literary Review India, Yareah Magazine, One Title Magazine, The Knotted Beard Review, Bareback, The Zodiac Review, Fortunates, Airplane Reading, Untapped Cities, The Lyceum,Detroit News, Dearborn Times-Herald, TravelMag and inTravel Magazine. He is also the writer/director/editor of several award-winning short films. His recent stage directing debut led to an Audience Choice Award at the Canton One-Acts Festival in Canton, MI. His website is Or follow him on Twitter @BobbyFox7.

Freitas, James
James Freitas resides in rural Massachusetts, spending equal amounts of time between Newburyport and Martha's Vineyard. His work has been featured in the Santa Clara Review and is forthcoming in Crab Fat.

Frieze, Amanda
Amanda Frieze worked as a technical writer and editor in California for eight years until she decided to sell everything and move to London to study for an MA in Creative Writing. She blogs in sudden spurts at

Fulwood, Neil
Neil Fulwood is the author of film studies book 'The Films of Sam Peckinpah'. His poetry has appeared in The Morning Star, Nib, Uneven Floor, Full of Crow Poetry, Butcher's Dog and Art Decades. He divides his time between the pub and the cinema and somehow manages to hold down a day job.


Gamble, Ash
J. “Ash” Gamble is a late in life poet from Florida.

Garni, Ricky
Ricky Garni is a graphic designer and machinist, whose work is widely available in print and on the Web. His poetry titles include THE ETERNAL JOURNALS OF CRISPY FLOTILLA, MAYBE WAVY and THE SEA OF KICKING LEGS. JIGGLE FEST, a collection of short prose, was released in December 2014. THE PINKIE EMBRACE will be released late summer, 2015.

Gabriel, Zoë
Zoë Gabriel’s poems have appeared in Thieves Jargon, GlassFire Magazine, Grasslimb, Centrifugal Eye, Poetry Midwest, Southern Ocean Review, Oysters & Chocolate, Salt River Review, Locust Magazine, Unlikely Stories, AntiMuse and Cadenza; she has work forthcoming in Word Riot. Zoë dyes her hair, but is naturally tall. She loves books, languages, spicy food and colorful socks. She is from Europe and lives in Maryland.

Gasi, Geosi
Geosi Gyasi is a book blogger, reader, writer, and interviewer. His work has appeared or forthcoming in Visual Verse, Verse-Virtual, Piker Press, Misty Review, Silver Birch PRESS, Linden Avenue, Expound, Tuck Magazine and elsewhere. He is the author of the forthcoming book, “Geosi Interviews Fifty Writers Worldwide” (2016) from Lamar University Press Books in Texas, U.S. He is the winner of the 2015 Ake/Air France Prize for Prose. He blogs at

Ghosh, Ronojoy
Ronojoy Ghosh‏ is a 23-year-old old student from Kolkata, India, just out of college with a B-Tech degree and has been serving an IT company for the past 4 months.

Gillick, Matt
Matt Gillick is from Reston, Virginia. His work has been featured in The Bitchin' Kitsch, Indiana Voice Journal, and aaduna magazine.

Grabois, Mitchell Krockmalnik
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois has had over six hundred of his poems and fictions appear in literary magazines in the U.S. and abroad, including THE COMMONLINE JOURNAL. He has been nominated several times for the Pushcart Prize. His novel, Two-Headed Dog, based on his work as a clinical psychologist in a state hospital, is available for Kindle and Nook, or as a print edition. He’s been married for 39 years to the artist Concetta diGesu, and has two adult sons. He lives in Denver.

Graham, Morgan Louis
Morgan Louis Graham has had sporadic works published since age 10. He is an observer among the many in New York City and gets by on trips to the museum and listening to NPR. Originally from Kansas, he gets his grit from being an outcast to a universe which he’s always belonged.

Grant, Marcelle
Marcelle Grant is currently a senior at SUNY Fredonia and will be graduating May 2008. She plans to move to Boston, M.A. and work towards getting her Masters. In the meantime she intends to find a job in publishing, editing or communications.

Grayhurst, Allison
Allison Grayhurst is a member of the League of Canadian Poets. She has over 500 poems published in more than 250 international journals and anthologies. Her book Somewhere Falling was published by Beach Holme Publishers in 1995. Since then she has published eleven other books of poetry and six collections with Edge Unlimited Publishing

Grey, John
John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in New Plains Review, South Carolina Review, Gargoyle and Big Muddy Review with work upcoming in Louisiana Review, Cape Rock and Spoon River Poetry Review.

Griffin, Jeremy
Jeremy Griffin is the author of a collection of short fiction titled 'A Last Resort for Desperate People,' from SFA Press. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in such journals as the Greensboro Review and Mid-American Review and has been nominated multiple times for a Pushcart Prize.

Grindley, Carl James
Carl James Grindley grew up on an island on Canada's pacific coast but now lives and works in the south Bronx. His last book of poetry, Lora and The Dark Lady, was published in 2013 by Ravenna Press. Three of his novellas were published under the title ICON by No Record Press in 2008.

Good, Howie
Howie Good, a journalism professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz, is the author of five poetry chapbooks, Death of the Frog Prince (2004), Heartland (2007), and Apocalypse Mambo (forthcoming) from FootHills Publishing, Strangers & Angels (2007) from Scintillating Publications, and the e-book, Police & Questions (forthcoming), from Right Hand Pointing.

Grochalski, John
John Grochalski is the author of The Noose Doesn’t Get Any Looser After You Punch Out (Six Gallery Press 2008), Glass City (Low Ghost Press, 2010), In The Year of Everything Dying (Camel Saloon, 2012), the novel, The Librarian (Six Gallery Press 2013), and the forthcoming collection of poetry, Starting with the Last Name Grochalski (Coleridge Street, 2014). Grochalski currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he constantly worries about the high cost of everything.

Gruber, Cristine A.
Cristine A. Gruber studied Literature, Philosophy, and World Religions at California Baptist University in Riverside, California. She is a member of The California State Poetry Society, The Poetry Society of America, and The Christian Writers Guild. Her first full-length collection of poetry, Lifeline, was released by Infinity Publishing and is available from Cristine's work has been published or is scheduled to appear in: North American Review, Writer’s Digest, Writers’ Journal, Ascent Aspirations, Ceremony: A Journal of Poetry and Other Arts, Coal City Review, Coffee-Ground Breakfast, Conceit Magazine, The Endicott Review, Eunoia Review, Haiku Hippodrome, Home Planet News, The Homestead Review, The Iconoclast, Iodine Poetry Journal, Kind of a Hurricane Press: Something’s Brewing Anthology, Labour of Love, Miller’s Pond, Northern Stars Magazine, Nuthouse Magazine, The Oak, The Penwood Review, Poem, Poesy, Poetry Explosion Newsletter, The Poet’s Art, The Poet’s Haven, Shemom, The Shepherd, Ship of Fools, Silver Wings, The Stray Branch, The Storyteller Magazine, Thema, The Tule Review, and Westward Quarterly. She has been a featured poet in Writer’s Digest for National Poetry Month. Gwinn, Till
Till Gwinn is a student and a poet in Salem.

Guha, Ananya S
Ananya S Guha lives in Shillong, INDIA.


Hanna, Eric
Eric Hanna is a philosophy teacher from central Canada. He informs us that his poetic influences include JRR Tolkien and Tom Waits. In his free time he enjoys writing, especially about himself in the third person.

Hanvik, Spencer
Spencer Hanvik is an MFA student in poetry at Arizona State University. He lives with his cat Prudence in Tempe, AZ.

Harding, Tom
Tom Harding is twenty eight years old and live in Northampton, England. In the little time left between working and living he writes poetry and draws. He has been published in various places including Parameter Magazine,, and

Harman, Michele Pizarro
With undergraduate and graduate degrees in English literature and creative writing, poetry, from UCLA and UF, Gainesville, Michele Pizarro Harman has published poems in such literary journals and online venues as Quarterly West, The Antioch Review, Mississippi Mud, Midwest Quarterly, Puerto del Sol, Sycamore Review, Berry Blue Haiku, Shepherd’s Check, a handful of stones, and Miriam’s Well. She currently lives with her husband and two of their four children in the small town in Central California where she and her husband grew up; beyond the cows, crows and cranes, she teaches reading, writing, and math to K-6 special-needs students in a public elementary school. She may be found at:

Harris, William Wright
William Wright Harris's poetry has appeared in fifteen countries in such publications as Poetry Salzburg Review, The Cannon’s Mouth, Ascent Aspirations, andWrite On!!! He attained his BA in English Literature from the University of Tennessee and is currently a graduate student in DePaul University’s MA in Writing and Publishing program. He is currently employed at the Art Institute of Chicago, selling audio guides.

Hawtrey, Penelope S.
Canadian woman with unrelated degree, with ever-patient husband and dog neglects domestic duties to try her hand at writing. Success includes a published story with Potluck Magazine in July 2015 and her own website She is also currently in the process of self-publishing a collection of stories called, 1500 Words or Less. She has several other writing projects on the go with perhaps in the next 5 years, a very remote chance of completing one of them. She can be found on both Facebook and Linkedin under the name Penelope S. Hawtrey but both of these are under construction as she just got connected (properly).

Hays, KJ
KJ lives in California with his dog, Mr. Bear. Some of his publication credits include: Decomp Magazine, Yellow Mama, Gutter Eloquence, Troubadour 21, why vandalism?, and The Flea. He works easy at his love’s labor here:

Heaton, Kevin
Kevin Heaton is originally from Kansas and Oklahoma, and now lives and writes in South Carolina. His work has appeared in a number of publications including: Guernica, Rattle, Slice Magazine, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Adroit Journal and Verse Daily. He is a Best of the Net, Best New Poets, and three-time Pushcart Prize nominee.

Henry, Robert Louis
Robert Louis Henry lives in Tennessee. To stay warm he drinks hot sauce instead of booze. He likes sitting on top of his truck and pretending to play harmonica while his radio blares in gravelly cemetery parking lots. He doesn’t voice his actual opinions in large crowds, and he prefers menthol cigarettes over just about anything. His first novella, “And the Household,” is forthcoming in 2009. His poetry is forthcoming in Night Train. Robert Louis Henry thinks nihilism sounds beautiful.

Heskett, Jim
Jim Heskett is based in Colorado, where he ponders the human condition against the brilliant backdrop of mountains. Also, he writes fiction, blogs, makes music, and it all ends up at

Hildago, TS
TS Hildago is a Spanish writer.

Holscher, Jessica
Jessica Holscher lives in Oregon. She graduated with a literature degree from Pacific University and spends her spare time writing.

Huffman, A.J.
A.J. Huffman has published eleven solo chapbooks and one joint chapbook through various small presses. Her new poetry collections, Another Blood Jet(Eldritch Press) and A Few Bullets Short of Home (mgv2>publishing) are now available from their respective publishers. She has two additional poetry collections forthcoming: Degeneration from Pink Girl Ink, and A Bizarre Burning of Bees from Transcendent Zero Press. She is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, and has published over 2200 poems in various national and international journals, including Labletter, The James Dickey Review, Bone Orchard, EgoPHobia, and Kritya. She is also the founding editor of Kind of a Hurricane Press.

Huffman, Benjamin
Originally from Iron Hill, Kentucky, Benjamin Huffman now resides in Chicago, IL. His rural background figures predominately in his work, focusing on traditions and communal gatherings becoming scarcely practiced in the modern world. Benjamin's poem "A Lesson in Courtesy" was a 2007 Honorable Mention for The Commonline Journal.

Hutt, David
David Hutt is a London-born writer and journalist. Last year he lived in Nicaragua and Cuba for one year, working as a journalist and contributing short-stories and poems to several literary magazines. He is currently living in Brighton. He writes about people on the move; hitchhikers, expats, tramps and travelers. He is currently working on a novel about the interconnected lives of expats in one Nicaraguan city, called 'Reminisces of a Chele'.

Hyde, Justin
Justin Hyde lives in Iowa where he works with criminals.

Hylton, Jessica K.
Jessica K. Hylton is a freelance writer, a poet, and the founder of Fermata Publishing—an up and coming small press that publishes chapbooks worth holding on to. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Irwin, Daniel S.
Daniel S. Irwin is an artist/writer (both a matter of opinion) working as a medic in a maximum security prison with the criminally insane (also known as the 'supervisors'). Work published in the US and in various daring literary journals overseas which means little as each piece must stand on its own...which some have and some have been burned, shredded, and flushed away. Such is life.

Ives, Rich
Rich Ives lives on Camano Island in Puget Sound. He has received grants and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, Artist Trust, Seattle Arts Commission and the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines for his work in poetry, fiction, editing, publishing, translation and photography. His writing has appeared in Verse, North American Review, Dublin Quarterly, Massachusetts Review, Northwest Review, Quarterly West, Iowa Review, Poetry Northwest, Virginia Quarterly Review, Fiction Daily and many more. He is the 2009 winner of the Francis Locke Memorial Poetry Award from Bitter Oleander. In 2013 he has received nominations for The Pushcart Prize (2), The Best of the Net and Story South. He is the 2012 winner of the Creative Nonfiction Prize from Thin Air magazine. Both Tunneling to the Moon, which is being serialized with a new story each day on the Silenced Press website for 2014, and Light from a Small Brown Bird (poetry––Bitter Oleander Press) are scheduled for paperback release in 2014.


James, J.
J. James resides in Brooklyn, where he works as a freelance writer, musician and actor. He is currently working on a comic series which is slated to begin printing in spring of 2013.

James, Jill
Jill James is a writer, fugitive and refugee currently living on sunny Alki Beach, Seattle. She has published in DIVA, Chronogram,, and Letter X. She was elected the Poet Laureate of New Jersey in The Burning Hearts Revolution contest and now spends all her time publicly apologizing for off-color Jersey jokes she made while growing up in Manhattan. Her latest volume of short stories entitled Death Cheaters is available for a lump sum in unmarked bills.

Jenson, Ivan
Ivan Jenson is a fine artist, novelist and contemporary poet. His artwork was featured in Art in America, Art News, and Interview Magazine and has sold at auction at Christie’s. Ivan was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to make a painting titled “Absolut Jenson” for the brand’s national ad campaign. His Absolut paintings are in the collection of the Spiritmusuem, the museum of spirits in Stockholm, Sweden. Jenson's painting of the “Marlboro Man” was collected by the Philip Morris corporation. Ivan was commissioned to paint the final portrait of the late Malcolm Forbes. Ivan has written two novels, Dead Artist and Seeing Soriah, both of which illustrate the creative and often dramatic lives of artists. Jenson's poetry is widely published (with over 500 poems published in the US, UK and Europe) in a variety of literary media. A book of Ivan Jenson's poetry was recently published by Hen House Press titled Media Child and Other Poems, which can be acquired on Amazon. Two new novels by Ivan Jenson entitled, Marketing Mia and Erotic Rights have been published hardcover and are available for purchase at bookstores worldwide. Ivan Jenson's website is:

Joshua Eversfield Jenkins
Currently, Joshua Eversfield Jenkins is earning a MA in History from George Mason University. His BA was in English. His two major poetic influences are Suzanne Buffam and Charles Simic, in that order.

Johnson, Amber
Amber Johnson just graduated high school and plans to attend college for Alternative Energy Technology. She lives where she can feel the lake-effect in Ohio.

James, D.R.
D.R. James's poems have appeared in various magazines and three chapbooks (from Finishing Line and Pudding House), and his first full-length collection, Since Everything Is All I’ve Got, was released by March Street Press in 2011. He lives in Holland, Michigan, where he has been teaching writing and literature at Hope College for 25 years.

James, Donovan
Donovan James tries to express humanistic and idealistic views in poetry, despite a ravaging cynicism. He believes that the money and effort allocated to war and fear should be used to feed, shelter, and educate the poor, no human being excluded. He tries to write poetry that connects with other buoys adrift in this absurd and lonely world.

Johns, J.H.
J. H. Johns “grew up and came of age” while living in East Tennessee and Middle Georgia. Specifically, the two places “responsible” for the writer that he has become are Knoxville, Tennessee and Milledgeville, Georgia. Since then, he has moved on to Chicago- for a brief stint- and New York City- for a significantly longer stay. Currently, he is “holed up” in a place called Getzville, New York where when he is not writing, he tends to his “nature preserve” and his “back forty.” His goal is to surround his house with all sorts of vegetation so as to obscure it from the gaze of the “locals.” He is assisted in this task by his coonhound buddy and companion, Roma.

Jones, Emory D.
Dr. Emory D. Jones is an English teacher who has taught in Cherokee Vocational High School in Cherokee, Alabama, for one year, Northeast Alabama State Junior College for four years, Snead State Junior College in Alabama for two years, and Northeast Mississippi Community College for thirty-five years. He joined the Mississippi Poetry Society, Inc. in 1981 and has served as President of this society. He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by this society in 2015. He won Poet of the Year in the Mississippi Poetry Society in 2002 and again in 2016. He has over two hundred and thirty-five publishing credits.


Kanev, Peycho
Peycho Kanev is the author of 4 poetry collections and two chapbooks. He has won several European awards for his poetry and he’s nominated for the Pushcart Award and Best of the Net. Translations of his books will be published soon in Italy, Poland and Russia. His poems have appeared in more than 900 literary magazines, such as: Poetry Quarterly, Evergreen Review, Hawaii Review, Cordite Poetry Review, Sheepshead Review, Off the Coast, The Adirondack Review, The Coachella Review, Two Thirds North, Sierra Nevada Review, The Cleveland Review and many others.

Kantor, Loren
Loren Kantor is a woodcut artist living in Los Angeles. You can find more of his work at

Kaplan, Rebecca
Rebecca Kaplan is a J.D. candidate at the University of Michigan. Her work has appeared in Apex Magazine, Likewise Folio and The Daily Palette.

Katherine, Myles
Myles Katherine is a fine art photographer and painter based in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in medium format black and white film photography using a Holga GCFN. Her work includes double exposures and graphic layering that creates a surreal and ghostly atmosphere.Her work is mostly influenced by dreams, psychological conflict and personal attachment. By emphasizing the power of concepts such as social isolation, death, and memories she hopes to unravel a vulnerability in each viewer and force them to recognize and overcome their own psychological struggles. You can see more of her work at

Keller, E. Lane
E. Lane Keller's novel, Covenant of Poppies, unravels 1000 years of Yugoslav history while shedding light on the media bias that helped take the country down. Published in non-fiction with Reed Elsevier, her plays have been produced in Maryland, two short screenplays were produced with Sundance Award-winning filmmaker, Steve Yeager, and the stage version of Covenant of Poppies appeared at the NY Fringe Festival. A recipient of the Maryland State grant for writing, graduate of NYU, member of the Author's Guild.

Kenitz, Daniel
Daniel Kenitz is a graduate of Cardinal Stritch University's Writing program ('06) and has had commentary published in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Kepple, James Browning
James Browning Kepple is co-founder of the Mustard Bastard Poetry Syndicate, he is also a member of the board of directors for Pretend Genius Press. He is co-poet to Couplet. A native of Bartlesville Oklahoma, he calls Houston Texas his home. After spending the past year traveling through the bogs of Stockholm Sweden and the beauteous gardens of Harlem New York City, he can currently be found driving his red 1990 Corolla somewhere in southwestern Virginia.

Kincaid, James R.
James R. Kincaid has published many non-fiction and academic books, a dozen short stories, and two novels, one of them co-authored with Percival Everett. He taught for years at Southern Cal and is now at Pitt.

Kaplowitz, Noah
Noah Kaplowitz detests short bios of himself as well as others. they cast him into a drooling trance similar to the experience of viewing others' family photos. that being said, he was born and raised in Brooklyn's Coney island. and spent time traveling through the rural Midwest. now residing in the 'burbs outside d.c. he is attempting to raise his 2 year old daughter. he is bigger than a bread box and hates wearing socks.

Krass, Peter
Peter Krass lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. He teaches fiction and poetry writing at The Writers Studio in New York City, where he is also a member of the master class taught by Philip Schultz, winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. Peter also works as a freelance writer and editor. His poems have appeared in journals including Rattle, and his poem “All Dressed in Green” was awarded a Special Mention in the 2012 Pushcart Prize.

Kilowatt, Eddie
Eddie Kilowatt has released two full length books of poetry, Manifest Density in 2006 and Carrying a Knife in to the Gunfight in fall 2007. When an address is required he lives in Milwaukee. Right now, Eddie works as a doorman and rides a 1973 BMW 750.

Kirshman, Matthew
Matthew Kirshman lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and two daughters. Before settling down to teaching, he had a varied career—telephone repairman, bartender, and cook, to name a few. Publication credits include: Annapurna Magazine, Apeiron Review, Ascent Aspirations, The Bacon Review, BlazeVOX, Café Irreal, Dirigible, Helix, Indefinite Space, Key Satch(el), Mad Hatters’ Review, Phoebe, The Wayfarer, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Z-Composition. He is the author of posthumous papers (Nothing New Press). Radio Tales (Red Dashboard) is due out in 2015.

Knapp, Ross
Ross Knapp is a recent college graduate with degrees in philosophy and literature. He has an experimental literary novel forthcoming and various poetry publications in Blue Lake Review, Poetry Pacific Magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, Burningword Literary Journal, Belle Reve Literary Journal, Carcinogenic Poetry, Blood and Thunder Literary Magazine, Verse Virtual, Storyacious, Tipsy Lit Literary Magazine, Hobo Pancakes, Clockwise Cat Literary Magazine, and The Corner Club Press. He lives in Minneapolis.

Kurtz, Craig
Craig Kurtz resides at Twin Oaks Intentional Community where he writes poetry while simultaneously surviving the dream. Recent work has appeared in Aerie Literary Journal, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Burningword Literary Journal, Conclave: A Journal of Character, Danse Macabre, Drunk Monkeys, Maudlin House, The Penmen Review, Poetry Quarterly, Teeth Dreams, Veil: A Journal of Darker Musings and Zouch Magazine.

Kurtz, Stuart
Stuart Kurtz is a published free-lance writer of arts reviews, travel, interviews, and social commentary whose first appearance in drama, "Floating on Idea Clouds," will be in Verse Wisconsin in Fall, 2012 and in poetry in Ascent Aspirations in October, 2012. He was the only American reporter to cover Toronto's ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche in 2009. For hire at Blog:


LaBounty, David
David LaBounty lives in suburban Detroit. He has been in the navy and has also held jobs as a bus boy, a miner, a mechanic, a reporter and a salesman. He is the author of two novels, The Perfect Revolution and The Trinity. His third novel, Affluenza, is under consideration and his first chapbook, Garage Days, will be published by Tainted Coffee Press later this year.

LaDew, Kate
Kate LaDew is a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BA in Studio Art.

Lampros, Robert
Robert Lampros is an author of Christian poetry, essays, and fiction who lives in St. Louis. He earned a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Washington University in St. Louis. Fits of Tranquility, Illuminating Sidewalks, Om-Bork, Afternoon, and Eleven Floors, Part I, are the books that he has published. Robert's work has also appeared in Halcyon, Ray's Road Review, First Class Lit, Taj Mahal, and The Corner Club Press literary journals. Besides writing he enjoys serving God through church and volunteer work, spending time with family and friends, hiking, praying, and attempting to play guitar. His latest book, Eleven Floors, is set to be released in early 2016.

Lane, Teresa
Teresa Lane, 20, is a sophomore at Washington State University studying journalism and criminal justice. She has been very fortunate to be published in a variety of journals including Perception Magazine of the Arts and the Clackamas Literary Review. She was also a 2011 Nature of Words’ Rising Starts Competition winner for poetry and a 2011 Merit Award winner through the nationally recognized Young ARTS program.

Landas, Marc
Marc Landas is the author of The Fallen: A True Story of American POWs and Japanese Wartime Atrocities (John Wiley & Sons, 2004) and is a contributor to an anthology about Queens, The Forgotten Borough (SUNY Press, 2011). He is also currently documenting New York City's artistic community through portraits His short stories have been published in literary journals such as Asian Voices and In Stereo. He has contributed to a variety of news sources including Fox Sports, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, Kevchino, and the LA Times. He currently resides in New York City.( In a separate project called The Meat Eaters, he is exploring human beings’ relationship with meat and the implications of carnivory on human biology, behavior, and culture. He maintains an informal blog, The Open Eye (

Landrum, David
David Landrum's fiction has appeared in many journals and anthologies--most recently in Foliate Oak, Sorceress Signals, Eunoia Review, and Intellectual Refuge.

Lang, Alexandra
Alexandra Lang is an unpublished poet in NYC. Her work has been received seven recognitions from Scholastic Writing Awards.

Lare, Dami
Dami Lare is a graduate of University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a writer who loves to think and pen his thoughts. His works have been featured in online media and anthologies such as Lunaris Review and Ironology.

Larrea, Phillip
Phillip Larrea is a syndicated columnist and wealth adviser in Sacramento, CA, USA. His poems have recently appeared internationally in Outburst Magazine, The Poetry Bus Magazine and thefirstcut #7 from Issuu. In the US, Phillipp has been recently published in Decade Review, Fourplay, Nostrovia To Writing, and the Brooklyn Voice.

Lasinsky, Emily
Emily Lasinsky is an emerging artist and writer from Indiana, PA. She has a deep passion for creating art and writing, and believes these expressive practices play an essential role in shaping the self. She is currently a graduate student pursuing her M.A. degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and she hopes to use these expressive forms when counseling others in the future. Her artwork has been published by Touch: The Journal of Healing.

Latka, Addison
Addison Latka is here today, gone tomorrow.

Laudati, Scott
Scott Laudati graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey in 2011 with a degree in journalism. He has had several poems and essays published in various magazines in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. His short story, "Water Street," was nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize.

Lerman, M.E.
Editor by day and writer by earlier in the day, M. E. Lerman has been published in Poetica Magazine, Poetry Quarterly, and Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and his work has been featured in the British Fantasy Society Journal. Also a multi-instrumentalist and amateur recording artist under the name Mike L. Rock, he lives in Rockville, MD, with his partner, Donovan, and their cat, Sa$ha. His blog can be found at

Levine, Eleanor
Eleanor Levine’s work has appeared in Fiction, The Evergreen Review, Midway Journal, Pank, Hobart, Connotations Press, The Coachella Review, Milk Magazine, BLAZEvox, Atticus Review, The Denver Quarterly, The Toronto Quarterly, Monkeybicycle, Lunch Ticket, Prime Mincer, Happy, Gertrude and Thrice Fiction; she has work forthcoming in Hot Street. Eleanor is currently a copy editor and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Lifshin, Lyn
Lyn Lifshin has written more than 125 books and edited 4 anthologies of women writers. Her poems have appeared in most poetry and literary magazines in the U.S.A, and her work has been included in virtually every major anthology of recent writing by women.

Lipsitz, Lou
Lou Lipsitz is a writer and psychotherapist living in Chapel Hill, NC. His most recent book, SEEKING THE HOOK, is being republished and will soon be available on Amazon as is his first and best known book, COLD WATER. His website is

Lliteras, D.S. 
D.S. Lliteras is the author of twelve books that have received national and international acclaim. His short stories and poetry have appeared in numerous national and international magazines, journals, and anthologies. He has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University.

Lloyd, Sam
Sam Lloyd is currently an English Major and Writing Minor at Portland State University, due to graduate in Winter 2013. Most of his work thus far has been in the field of literary analysis and criticism, although he is beginning to advance into the field of fiction specifically with regard to short stories. He hopes to become a writer in some capacity, whether as a novelist, a screenwriter, a journalist, or any field that involves creatively expressing truths to people that can affect them for the better.

LM, Jones
Jones LM is retired and living in Utah.

Locke, Christopher
Christopher Locke was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry. Born in Laconia, NH in 1968, he received an MFA from Goddard College. His poems have appeared in such magazines as The Literary Review, The Southeast Review, Connecticut Review, Tuesday; an Art Project, Alimentum, West Branch, Exquisite Corpse, Atlanta Review, RATTLE, The Chattahoochee Review, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Agenda, (U.K.), Descant, (Canada), The Stinging Fly, (Ireland), and twice on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.

Lopez, Diego
Diego F. López is a working writer from Lima, Peru, raised in New Jersey, living in New York City.

Luftig, Richard
Dr. Richard Luftig is a recipient of the Cincinnati Post-Corbett Foundation Award for Literature and a semi finalist for the Emily Dickinson Society Award. His poems have appeared in numerous literary journals in the United State, internationally in Japan, Canada, Australia, Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong and India and have been translated into Japanese, Polish, German and Finnish. One of his published poems was nominated for the 2012 Pushcart Poetry Prize.

Lynch, Blake
Blake Lynch is a young lawyer whose poems have appeared in The Foundling Review, The Brooklyner, Chelsea, King Log, 2River, The Stray Branch, The Oakbend Review, Stone Highway Review, The Potomac, Zygote in My Coffee, Forge, 491 Magazine, Pif Magazine, and Shampoo, among others; and whose plays have been performed at Tisch School of the Arts in New York City and The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, England.


Macaulay, Helene
Helene Macaulay is an actor, filmmaker, photographer and poet, residing in New York City and Madison, Wisconsin. Her films have been broadcast on PBS affiliates throughout the Northeastern United States and her photography has been exhibited internationally, including the National Portrait Gallery, London, UK. Her work is available for viewing at

MacDonald, Chad
Chad MacDonald is undergrad creative writing student at Longwood University in VA. He is attempting to become an established writer, and run two radio shows within his campus radio station, and write for the opinions column in the local paper.

MacLean, Roz
Roz MacLean is a visual artist located in Vancouver, BC. She works in several styles, but her work is united by a search for the motivation of human behavior. Whether she is looking to the animal world and evolution to explain our nature, or attempting to understand where our deepest fears come from, she is interested in the connection between natural design and our individual and collective inner worlds. You can find her portfolio at .

Mahon, James
James Mahon lives and writes in New Haven County, CT. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Burningword, Bitchin' Kitsch, Enizagam, ArLiJo, Buck Off, and The Insomniac Propagandist.

Mahonen, Suvi
Suvi Mahonen is a freelance writer based in Surfers Paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast. Her non-fiction has appeared in various newspapers and magazines in both Australia and Canada including The Weekend Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and Practical Parenting. Her fiction has been widely published in literary journals and anthologies including in The Best Australian Stories 2010 and Griffith Review. A portion of a longer work-in-progress was nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize. For more from Suvi visit her page here:

Makowski, Ed 
Ed Makowski is a writer who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has a day job poeting around a nature center and a night job bartending. Ed enjoys motorcycle rides, the left hook left hook to the liver, soul music, and bow hunting.

Malinenko, Ally
Ally Malinenko is the author of the poetry collection The Wanting Bone (Six Gallery Press), as well as the children's novel Lizzy Speare and The Cursed Tomb (Antenna Books). Her novel This Is Sarah is forthcoming from Bookfish Books this summer. She currently lives in the part of Brooklyn voted to have the best halal truck.

Mandal, Priyanka
Priyanka Mandal is a 22 year old student from Calcutta, India. She is currently pursuing a degree of 'Bachelor of Arts in French' from The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture and is in the 3rd year. She has completed a Bachelor degree in Engineering in the stream 'Electronics and Communication' and working as a Assistant System Engineer. She has been earlier published in the UK Poetry Library and A Billion Stories.

Marrotti, Michael
Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh using words instead of violence to mitigate the suffering of life in a callous world of redundancy. His primary goal is to help other people. He considers poetry to be a form of philanthropy. When he's not writing, he's volunteering at the Light Of Life homeless shelter on a weekly basis. If you appreciate the man's work, please check out his for his latest poetry and short stories.

McCauley, Ann
Ann McCauley is the author of Runaway Grandma, (2007), and Mother Love, (Revised-2012). She’s also a contributor to the anthologies, Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing, (2012), Writing After Retirement, (2014). She does freelance writing; her work has been published in magazines, journals and newspapers. Ann has degrees in Nursing, Psychology, and a Master’s in Creative Writing. Learn more about Ann at and follow her on Facebook.

McDaris, Catfish
Catfish McDaris is a New Mexican living near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has four walls, a ceiling, heat, food, a woman, a daughter, and two cats.His work has been translated into Spanish, French, Polish, Swedish, Arabic, Mandarin, Yoruba, Bengali, Tagalog, and Esperanto. His 25 years of published material is in the Special Archives Collection at Marquette University.

McGowan, Matt
Matt McGowan has a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in journalism, both from the University of Missouri. He was a newspaper reporter, and for many years now he has been a working as a science and research writer at the University of Arkansas. Recently, his stories have appeared in Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Open Road Review, Danse Macabre and Indiana Voice Journal.

McGuire, Catherine
Catherine McGuire is a writer/artist with a deep interest in Nature, both human and otherwise. She's had poems published for 3 decades, in publications such as New Verse News, FutureCycle, Portland Lights, Fireweed, and on a bus for Poetry In Motion. She has taught workshops around Oregon. Her chapbook, Palimpsests, was published by Uttered Chaos in 2011 and her first full-length book of poetry, Elegy for the 21st Century, will be published by FutureCycle Press in 2016. She has three self-published chapbooks.

McInnis, Michael
Michael McInnis lives in Boston and spent six years in the Navy sailing across the Pacific and Indian Oceans to the Persian Gulf three times, chasing white whales and ending up only with madness. He has published poetry and short fiction in Rasputin Poetry, Literary Yard, 1947, Dead Snakes, Monkey Bicycle, Cream City Review and other little magazines and small presses.

McKenzie, Gwendolyn
Gwendolyn McKenzie works for the Seattle based literary non-profit, Old Growth Northwest. Originally from Florida, she began her undergraduate at NYU at Tisch with a focus in Technical Theatre and completed her BA at Western Washington University. She also creates poetry/art out of paint chip names for her Etsy shop named In Tint Poetry.

McManes, R.D.
R.D. McManes is the author of seven books of poetry. Mr. McManes has had poems published in Saucyvox, Literary Expresso, Prairie Poetry, Write On, Short Stuff, Writer’s Hood, Haiku Sun, Scrivener’s Pen, Mipo Magazine, Swooping Hawk Quarterly, The Heron’s Nest, Poems Niederngasse, Taj Mahal Review, SP Quill Quarterly Magazine, Simply Haiku, Poetic Voices, Mountain Echoes, Poetry Sharing Journal, Newtopia,Lochraven Review, Banks of the Little Miami, and Baroque Review. He has conducted poetry workshops and related writing presentations for the Kansas Author’s Club and currently resides near Scranton Kansas.

Mason, Ben
Ben Mason lives in Portland, Oregon. He's published fiction and poetry in Calliope, The Pacific Review, Perigee and Nomad. His first novel, Sunrise on Moonville, was published in 2005.

Martin, Richard J.
Richard J. Martin, Jr. is a graduate of City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. His stories, poems and journalism have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers and literary publications. He currently works as a grant writer for nonprofit human service agencies and as a musician for a local talent company and divides his time between San Francisco and Lakeport, California.

Margrave, Clint
Clint Margrave has published work in New York Quarterly, Spot Literary Magazine, 3AM, CommonLine, Pearl, Chiron Review, Heeltap, Spillway, as well as in the anthologies So Luminous the Wildflowers, Incidental Buildings and Accidental Beauty by Tebot Bach Press. Currently, he teaches English and Creative Writing at California StateUniversity, Long Beach.

Mead, Stephen
A resident of NY, Stephen Mead is a published artist, writer, maker of short collage-films and poetry/music mp3s. Much can be learned of his multi-media work by placing his name in any search engine. His latest project-in-progress, a collaborative effort with composer Kevin MacLeod, is entitled "Whispers of Arias", a two volume download of narrative poems sung to music. His latest Amazon release, "31 Kisses," a poetry -art hybrid, is a celebration of romance for lovers everywhere, regardless of sexual orientation.

McPherson, E.M. 
E.M. McPherson is an 18 year old slacker who hopes to become a High School English teacher. He has been writing poetry since his 'tween years', and he hopes to become a better man than his father.

McPherson, Sean
Sean McPherson was born in Anchorage, AK in 1987 and currently resides in Olympia, WA. He works as a an adjunct professor of Spanish at South Puget Sound Community College. This spring he received his MA in Spanish and Portuguese from Tulane University. Some of his poetry has recently appeared in The Bacon Review.

Metz, Mary Kay
Mary Kay Metz is studying writing at the Writers Studio in NYC online. She works a day job as a live in maid for some exceedingly wealthy people on the upper east side of Manhattan. She writes to keep from killing people

Middleton-Watts, Adam
Adam Middleton-Watts hides out on the plains of South Dakota. He often drinks too much overpriced ale, and when he's not counting bison or falling into prairie dog holes, he's penning poems and short tales on the backs of unpaid utility bills.

Miller, Sadie
Sadie Miller has previously published her mother's autobiography through Aurum Press. This year, she has a short story being published as part of an anthology by Snowbooks, and has another short story appearing in a forthcoming issue of Prole Magazine.

Mo, Suchoon
Suchoon Mo is a former Korean Army Lieutenant and a retired academic living in the semiarid part of Colorado. His poems appeared in East and West, Bitter Oleander, Dissident Editions, Taj Mahal Review, Religious Humanism, Thunder Sandwich, Underground Window, Spillway Review, Subtle Tea, Stylus Poetry Journal, Malleable Jangle, Poetry Magazine, Word Riot, Word Myth, Tryst, Subterranean Quarterly, and others.

Moglia, Greg
Greg Moglia's work has appeared in over 100 journals in the U.S., Canada and England as well as five poetry anthologies.

Mojgani, Anis
Anis is the current (2007) World Cup Poetry Slam Champion and the2005 & 2006 National Poetry Slam Individual Champion (a back-to-back honor shared only by fellow artist Buddy Wakefield). He is also the 2006 Seattle Grand Slam Champion. Anis has been featured on HBO's Def Poetry Jam, National Public Radio’s ‘The Beat’, and in the documentary ‘Slam Planet: War of the Words’.

Mooring, Montavis
Montavis Mooring is a 20 year old budding wordsmith, poet and writer from Gaffney, South Carolina. He is a junior at Allen University and is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in English with a concentration in Professional Writing. This is his first publication.​

Mondal, Sonnet
Sonnet Mondal is the founder of The Enchanting Verses Literary Review. He has authored eight books of poetry and has performed on invitation at Struga Poetry Evenings, Macedonia in 2014 and Uskudar International Poetry Festival, Istanbul in 2015. Most recently he has been invited to deliver talks at the XII International Poetry Festival of Granada, Nicaragua, in 2016.
Sonnet was featured as one of the Famous Five of Bengali Youths in India Today magazine in 2010 and was long listed in The Forbes Magazine’s top 100 Celebrities 2014 edition among India’s most celebrated authors. Later in March 2015 The CultureTrip website, London listed him among the Top Five Literary Entrepreneurs of Indian English Poetry.
His works have appeared in Business Insider, the Sheepshead Review, Two Thirds North, Penguin Review, Burning Word literary Journal, The Adroit Journal, California State Poetry Quarterly, Connotation Press and Nth Position etc. (Website

Montague, Milt
Milt Montague was raised in New York City, survived The Great Depression, and World War ll. After 20 years back at college he discovered poetry at 86. Now at 90 plus he has 98 poems published in 29 different magazines.

Murray, Mike
Mike Murray is currently taking classes at Grub Street, an independent writing center in Boston, where he attends fiction workshops. He teaches English as a Second Language and Literature in Boston. He lives and writes in Cambridge, MA.

Moul, Keith
Keith Moul's works are published widely. Finishing Line Press will issue his latest chap, The Future as a Picnic Lunch, in September, 2015.

Myers, Michele Tolela
Michele Tolela Myers has published extensively: non fiction books that have been best sellers in their markets, scholarly articles, essays, and opinion editorials on education published in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor. She has also published short stories in The Reading Room and Global City Review. She was born in Morocco, grew up and was educated in Paris, and moved to the United States for graduate work. She has lived here since then. In 2007, she was named a Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur by President Chirac, the highest honor bestowed by the French government. She lives in Manhattan. She has finished a novel and is looking for an agent.


Nair, Rony
Rony Nair slogs as an oil and gas Risk Management “expert/ director/ Vice President/consultant”-up on the greasy pole! He’s been 20 years in the industry since starting off as an Industrial engineer a long time ago. Extensively traveled. Dangers fronted often. But that’s his day job. The one that pays for bread and bills. He’s been a worshipper at the altar of prose and poetry for almost as long as he could think. They have been the shadows of his life. (They’ve been) the bedsit at the end of a long day; the repository that does the sound of silence inimitably well. Not unlike a pet; but with one core difference- the books do suggest, educate and weave a texture that marginally provides streams of thought that are new. And one of the biggest pleasures of his life, is certainly holding a treasured edition in one’s hands. Physically. Rony’s been writing poetry since 1985 and was a published columnist with the Indian Express in the early 1990’s. He is also a published photographer about to hold his first major exhibition and currently writes a regular column for two online journals; one of them widely read over South India. Rony has been profiled by the Economic Times of Delhi and has also written for them. He cites V.S Naipaul, A.J Cronin, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Sillitoe, John Braine and Nevil Shute in addition to FS Fitzgerald as influences on his life; and Philip Larkin, Dom Moraes and Ted Hughes as his personal poetry idols. Larkin’s’ collected poems would be the one book he would like to die with. When the poems perish. As do the thoughts!

Nelson, Crawdad
Crawdad Nelson is a 53 year old writer who's never really managed to get past the first round. In the 90s he spent a lot of time on the road, West Coast, traveling to readings, meeting poets, being that type of guy. A lot of it came about because he was editing a small magazine, some because he also worked a lot as a writer.

Nelson, J. Alan
J. Alan Nelson is a writer and a lawyer. He has essays, stories, epistles and poetry published or forthcoming in the following: Convergence, International Poetry Review, California Quarterly, Wisconsin Review, Dallas Morning News Book Blog, Illya’s Honey, Red River Review, Adirondack Review, Red Cedar Review, Identity Theory, Hawai’i Review, Kennesaw Review, Driftwood Review, Ken*Again, Haggard and Halloo, Review Americana, The Wittenburg Door, South Carolina Review, Pegasus Review, Red Cedar Review, Fulcrum, Connecticut River Review, Blue Fifth Review, Arbitrary & Capricious, Chiron Review, SNReview, American Scholar and Ship of Fools.

Newberry, Martina Reisz
Martina Reisz Newberry lives in her beloved city, Los Angeles, CA with her husband and their furbaby, Charlie T. Cat. Her most recent books is LEARNING BY ROTE; she is the author of eight books of poetry and a memoir of her father. She has been widely published in hard copy and online literary magazines in the U.S. and abroad.

Newman, KG
KG Newman is the editor of a high school sports website,, and lives in Aurora, Colo. He is an Arizona State University graduate and his first collection of poems, While Dreaming of Diamonds in Wintertime, is available on Amazon.

Newton, Sarah
Sarah is a writer/designer/actress living in New York. She writes personal essays, plays, screen plays or anything that fits her flights of fancy. She is a crochet designer with her own crochet line, Puzzled Heart Designs. Follow her everyday thoughts on her blog:

Notanja, Anja
Anja Notanja is a Writer, Artist, & Performer. You can visit her website and sign up for Anja's art and storytelling event news.


Olearski, Janet
Janet is an Anglo-Polish author, born in London, based in Abu Dhabi, but of no fixed abode ... effectively, an urban nomad. Her short fiction and poems have appeared in various publications including Jotters United, Far Off Places, Bare Fiction, Beautiful Scruffiness, and Pen Pusher. She is the founder of the Abu Dhabi Writers’ Workshop. Website:

Oleck, Loretta
Loretta Oleck is a writer and psychotherapist living in the Hudson Valley of New York. Besides authoring six books in the field of mental health, she has a Master's degree in Creative Writing from New York University. Her poetry has been accepted/published in The Westchester Review, Poetica Magazine, The Stone Hobo, Still Point Arts Quarterly, Marco Polo Arts Magazine, Feminist Studies, Mom Egg, among other publications. More recently, her poetry was chosen to be performed at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. She has been selected to give readings at numerous venues around New York.

Oleskewics, Cari
Cari Oleskewicz is a freelance writer and blogger living in Tampa, Florida. Her work has been published in The Washington Post, Imitation Fruit Literary Journal, Epiphany Magazine, Sasee Magazine and Pork & Gin. Her poem, "The Day of the Winds" recently took first place in the Platform Art poetry contest. When she am not reading or writing, she can be found chasing her seven-year-old and debating politics.

Olson, Zachary
Zachary Olson teaches theatre. He writes poetry in his spare time and is inspired by ee cummings, Ezra Pound, and Mary Doria Russell. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and soon-to-be adopted pug.

O'Neill, Tony
Tony O'Neill is the writer of the modern underground classic, "Digging the Vein" which was published in 2006. The story is based upon his own experiences as a heavy drug abuser in LA. At the time he lived the stereotypical heroinists’ life to its edge, but it was also cocaine and several other drugs that got him in this shape.

Onyeoziri, Favour
Favour Onyeoziri is a 19-year old Nigerian poet, who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently an undergraduate student of history and education at the university of Lagos. A staunch lover of poetry and prose works, he is greatly influenced by the likes of Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Allen Poe, William Blake and John Milton. He also owns a blog ( where he publishes some of his works amongst other things.

Outlar, Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Outlar hails from the heart of Atlantis where he kneels atop intricately designed rugs produced from prediluvian cloth and prays to The Holy Spirit Vibration for humility, guidance and discernment during this epic moment of time at the epoch of a rising New Age. When not caught up in such passionate fervor, he enjoys writing poetry, essays, fiction, rants, and experimental, existential, hallucinatory, prose-fusion screeds on subjects ranging from the outer limits of the stars to the innermost depths of the soul. His work can be seen at such sites as Dissident Voice, Daily Anarchist, Ascent Aspirations, Oracular Tree, and Loose Change Magazine. Scott can be reached at Send him a random raving and he'll certainly return in kind.

Ozog, Christopher
Christopher Ozog is a 22 year old writer who resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he currently attends Washtenaw Community College. He has previously been published in Burningword literary journal and the Commonline and currently edits Lavender Wolves Literary Journal. For more information, visit his twitter page, "@expressiveozog"


Pallop, Katrina
Katrina Pallop is a playwright, photographer, and actress based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Her photographs have been published by a number of independent magazines, among them The 2River View, Calyx, and OVS. Her online portfolio can be found here.

Palmer, Carl
Carl "Papa" Palmer of Old Mill Road in Ridgeway VA now lives in University Place, WA.
He has a 2015 contest winning poem riding buses somewhere in Seattle. Carl, president of
The Tacoma Writers Club is a Pushcart Prize and Micro Award nominee. MOTTO: Long Weekends Forever.

Parietti, Melissa
Melissa Parietti is a native of Long Island originally from Melville, New York. She attended business classes and writing workshops at SUNY Geneseo. At 24 years old, her poetry has received several acceptances to print and online journals. An example of her work can be found here. Her LinkedIn can be found here. Her Twitter handle is @MelissaParie

Parik, Nikita
Nikita Parik is a 22 year old poet from Calcutta, India. She holds a bachelors degree in English from the University of Calcutta, and is currently pursuing Masters in Linguistics from the same. Her works have appeared in The Commonline Journal, Blackmail Press, Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI), eFiction India, A Billion Stories, among others, and she awaits publication in Ann Arbor
Review: An International Journal Of Poetry.

Parmessur, Amit
Amit Parmessur’s poetry has appeared in more than 120 literary magazines. Nominated for the Pushcart Award and Best of the Web, his book on blog Lord Shiva and other poems can also be found at The Camel Saloon. Hailing from Mauritius, he currently edits the Rainbow Journal and also writes in Creole and French. Sometimes he just wants to give it up all and become a billionaire.

Patey, Chelsea
newfoundland, slowly/deliberately

Pavone, M. Nasorri
M. Nasorri Pavone's poems have appeared in The Cortland Review, River Styx, New Letters, Harpur Palate, Bluestem, DMQ Review, La Fovea and elsewhere. She also writes plays. Her latest, Feeding Time celebrated its world premiere at the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival. She is a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles and lives in Venice, California.

Perchick, Simon
Simon Perchik is an attorney whose poems have appeared in Partisan Review,
The Nation, Osiris, Poetry, The New Yorker, and elsewhere. His most recent collection is Almost Rain, published by River Otter Press (2013). For more information, free e-books and his essay titled “Magic, Illusion and Other Realities” please visit his website at

Perhach, Paulette
Paulette Perhach's work has appeared in newspapers, national magazines and online publications, including She founded a publication that won Best New Magazine from the Florida Magazine Association. Now living in Seattle, she is currently a Made at Hugo House Fellow at the Richard Hugo House writing center.

Petrea, Gregoria
Gregoria Petrea is an American Studies graduate from the University of Bucharest, Romania. She has published in “LGBTQ Rights from Stonewall to Glee” and an interview with photographer Daniel Nicoletta in [Inter]sections, and has participated in two conferences with pieces of creative writing. She has also published a short story entitled “Cherokee Rose” in the online literary magazine Howl. Her main interests are gender studies, creative writing, and music.

Phillips, Adam
Adam Phillips currently lives in Boise, where he makes a living teaching and coaching junior high kids. As a result of this, his maturity has been grossly eroded. Over the next month, you can see more of his writing at Oddville Press, Blue Monday Review, Scarborough Fair, Dark Dossier, Blotterature, Clockwise Cat, and Eunoia. His first novel, Something Like My Name will be published by Caliburn Press this summer. He profusely thanks you for reading his poem.

Piekarski, Thomas
Thomas Piekarski is a former editor of the California State Poetry Quarterly. His poetry and interviews have appeared in Nimrod, Portland Review, Kestrel, Cream City Review, Poetry Salzburg, Boston Poetry Magazine, Gertrude, The Bacon Review, and many others. He has published a travel guide, Best Choices In Northern California, and Time Lines, a book of poems. He lives in Marina, California.

Plath, Rob
Rob Plath is a 43-year-old writer from New York. Allen Ginsberg once tutored him for two years before he died in 1997. He has published a lot in the small presses, including 8 chapbooks, three full-length collections and a play. Rob’s first novel is coming out this year. He is most noted for his infamous collection titled A Bellyful of Anarchy (epic rites press 2009.)

Porter, Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Porter is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, human rights activist, has an MA in International Affairs and lives in New York City.

Puretz, Dean
Dean Puretz is an author and attorney living in Los Angeles. His creative non-fiction "Late Forties" was published in Ray's Road Review in 2012.


Qayoom, Rehan
Rehan Qayoom is a poet, editor and translator from London. He write poetry in both English and Urdu and his works have appeared in numerous literary publications and anthologies. You can find more of his work at


Rainwater-Lites, Misti
Misti Rainwater-Lites has published numerous poetry collections and novels at She has chapbooks available from Kendra Steiner Editions, Erbacce Press, Scintillating Publications and Tainted Coffee Press.

Raj, Pushkar
Pushkar Raj is a senior marketing analyst at Dunnhumby, India. His day-time job involves number crunching and preparing marketing strategies for retail clients. Pushkar has strong interest in World Literature and philosophy. He often writes poetry and Short stories when hit by a sudden bout of inspiration. He has also presented a literary paper on Popular Romance in an international conference held in Queensland University, Brisbane.

Ray, Alora
Alora Ray is 20, temporarily lives in Northern Virginia, perpetually lives in a state of denial, performs for whimsy, writes by necessity

Reilly, Andrew
Andrew Reilly lives in Chicago where he writes early and writes often for publications such as Jargon, No Touching, and The Onion A.V. Club, among others, and shows off at

Ridgeway, Kevin
Kevin Ridgeway is from Southern California, where he lives and writes. Nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net, his work has appeared or is forthcoming in Chiron Review, Re)verb, LUMMOX, San Pedro River Review, the Chaffey Review, Right Hand Pointing, Bicycle Review. American Mustard and The Mas Tequila Review. His latest chapbooks are On the Burning Shore (Arroyo Seco Press, 2014) and Riding Off Into That Strange Technicolor Sunset (Weekly Weird Monthly, 2015).

Riippi, Joseph
Joseph Riippi is a contributing editor at CommonLine. Born and raised in Seattle, he now lives in New York City where he is working on an MFA. Recent writing appears in The Bitter Oleander, The Brooklyn Rail, New Delta Review, and Salamander. His first novel, Do Something! Do Something! Do Something!, is forthcoming summer/fall 2009 from Ampersand Books.

Robert, Joseph
Joseph Robert was born and raised in the Midwest. However, he has always been partial to Hawaiian beaches. Nevertheless: Go Badgers! After living and working for several years in rural Japan, he now resides in London with his wife, writer and poet Leilanie Stewart. In his spare time, you can find him at the British Museum trying to teach himself how to read Sumerian cuneiform. Don't worry, yes, he has seen Evil Dead, so doesn't read any of it out loud.

Robichaud, Chelsi
Chelsi Robichaud is a 23 year old English student studying and residing in Ottawa, Ontario. Her interests include women’s issues, mental health, historical fiction, and comic books. She has been published in several magazines, including: Transition, The Perch, The Commonline Journal, The Copperfield Review, and Mythic Circle. You can read some of her published work and keep up with her projects at

Robinson, John D.
John D. Robinson was born '63 UK; began working at age 15 and continues to do so; began writing poetry at age 16. Well over 100 of his poems have appeared in the small press. Most recently his poems have appeared in Red Fez, Dead Snakes, Underground Books, Pulsar and Bareback Lit. He is married with one daughter, two grandchildren, four cats and one dog.

Rogers, Annie G.
Annie G. Rogers is a poet, as well as a writer of memoir and fiction. She has published two books that combine her clinical work in psychoanalysis with memoir: A Shining Affliction, andThe Unsayable. She has edited a volume of short fiction and memoir writing from her workshops with writers in Ireland, Charlie's Chasing the Sheep. She is currently working on a book of poems, Approximate Names. She is Professor of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Rooker, Scott
Scott Rooker is an artist, musician, and writer from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Rose, Brad
Brad Rose was born and raised in southern California, and lives in Boston. Brad’s poetry and fiction have appeared in: The Baltimore Review; Off the Coast; Third Wednesday; The Potomac; San Pedro River Review; Santa Fe Literary Review; Barely South Review; Right Hand Pointing; MadHat Lit; Sleetmagazine; Boston Literary Magazine; Monkeybicycle; Camroc Press Review; Short, Fast and Deadly; and other publications. Links to his poetry and fiction can be found at: His chapbook of miniature fiction, “Coyotes Circle the Party Store,” can be read at: Audio recordings of a selection of Brad’s published poetry can be heard here:

Ruçi, Irsa
Irsa Ruçi is an Albanian Speechwriter and Lecturer who has received numerous awards, and whose books include Trokas mbi ajër (poems and essays), 2008 and Pështjellim (poetry), 2010.

Russell, Fred
Fred Russell is the author of the novels The Other Shore (Aqueous Books, 2011) and Death (Spuyten Duyvil, 2015) and has published stories and essays in over 150 journals, including TriQuarterly, The MacGuffin, Minnetonka Review, Los Angeles Review, Prism Review, Gargoyle, Literary House Review, Words & Images, Third Coast, Polluto, Underground Voices, and The Recusant.

Russell, Tyler
Tyler Russell is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he studied English and education. His work has been published in Apiary Magazine, Peregrine, Phantom Kangaroo, The Bicycle Review, The Copperfield Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, The Pennsylvania Gazette, at, Silver Blade, Inwood Indiana, earned an honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s 2009 Short Story Contest and Stony Brook’s 2010 Short Fiction Contest, and was a nominee for the 2011 Rhysling Award. His work is also available in hardcopy by request.


Sandusky, Weldon H.
Weldon H. Sandusky graduated from Texas Tech University in 1968 with a B.A. in English. He then got an M.A. in English from the University of Wisconsin and a law degree (J.D. l975) from the same school. Divorce followed as did commitment to, first, the private psychiatric hospital, Timberlawn, in Dallas, and, later, the State Mental Asylum in Terrell, Texas. He petitioned for habeas corpus claiming a conspiracy to unlawfully commit him existed in violation of his constitutional rights. Upon release, he got a job at Exxon/Mobil where heworked twenty years as a cashier-nightman.

Sayles, Verity
Verity Sayles is an MFA candidate at Oregon State University. Her nonfiction work has appeared in Burningword Literary Journaland Dark Matter: A Journal of Speculative Literature. Originally from New England, she now resides in Oregon.

Scanlan, Tommy
Tommy Scanlan is a correction officer in the Massachusetts Department of Correction. He is also a part-time freelancer. He received his B.A. in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts in 2012.

Schwartz, G. David
G. David Schwartz is the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue (1994) and Midrash and Working Out Of The Book (2004). He is currently a volunteer at The Cincinnati J. Schwartz continues to write. His newest book, Shards And Verse (2011) is now in stores or can be ordered online.

Scion, Ra
As Common Market, RA Scion and his partner Sabzi have released 2 albums, Common Market (2005) and Tobacco Road (2008), and 2 EPs, Black Patch War (2008) and Winter's End (2009).

Schultz, Dave
Dave Schultz is a factory worker, who received a BA in Creative Writing and an AS in Mortuary Science, both from Southern Illinois University. He's had one notable piece published, a short story titled “Colt 45,” which appeared in Fifth Wednesday and was nominated for the 2013 Pushcart.

Scurlock, Faun
Faun is a digital artist/photographer born and raised in Vancouver, WA. The constant weather changes of the Pacific Northwest bring her plenty of opportunity to capture landscapes, action shots, and abstract photographs. Faun's been published in multiple journals - The Phoenix and Salmon Creek Journal - and included in a student art show at Clark College.

Semrow, Alan
Alan Semrow lives in Wisconsin and is a graduate of English from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His poems and fiction have been featured in multiple publications, including BlazeVOX14, Red Fez, The Bicycle Review, Barney Street, and Wordplay, and he won the Essayist Award from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point English Department for his nonfiction work. In 2015, his stories are set to be featured inEarl of Plaid Lit Journal, EAP: The Magazine, Former People: A Journal of Bangs and Whimpers, Indiana Voice Journal, and Blotterature Lit Mag.Semrow spends the vast majority of his free time with his boyfriend, best friends, family, and Shih Tzu, Remy.

Seto, Samantha
Samantha Seto is a writer. She has been published in various anthologies including Ceremony, The Screech Owl, Nostrovia Poetry, Soul Fountain, and Black Magnolias Journal.

Shane, Brian
Brian Shane was born in the city of Coos Bay, along the coast of Oregon. After living most of his adolescence in the small, rural town known as Eagle Point he now resides in Beaverton, Oregon. Writing stories and fables from an early age, Brian has adapted his love of the written word to a career path beginning with a Bachelors in English Literature. Always busy, mostly productive, Brian seeks to understand the world, perception, and the human condition through his continued literary travels.

Sharp, F. John
F. John Sharp lives and works in the Cleveland, Ohio area. He is fiction editor for Right Hand Pointing and you may find a selection of his published works at

Sheikh, Huma
Huma Sheikh was born in Kashmir and later came to the United States, then received multiple degrees in creative writing, English literature, journalism and communication studies. Huma has taught writing and literature classes at University of South Dakota and Texas A&M University, has a chapbook forthcoming and a first book of creative nonfiction in progress.

Sherman, Scott
Scott Sherman is a graduate of Ursinus College, where he got his BA in English. His writing revolves around short, abstract depictions of dreams, youth, and relationships. Scott has recently or will soon be featured in: Indiana Voice Journal Issue 12, Right Hand Pointing Issue 88, The Lost Coast Review Winter 2016 Issue, and The Bitchin' Kitsch September 2015 Issue.

Shevenock, Emily
Emily Shevenock is a graduate student of writing and poetry. Her work has been published in Burn Magazine, The 2River Review and Primavera. Her full-length work, "Le Lampe a Quitter," is under consideration for publication.

Shifrin, Jon
Jon Shifrin is the founder of the popular web magazine, The Daily Dissident (

Shorb, Michael
Michael Shorb's work reflects a satirical focus on present day trends and events. His poems have appeared in The Nation, The Sun, Michigan Quarterly Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Rattle, and European Judaism, as well as other publications and anthologies.

Simon, Monica
Monica created and manages Poets of NEPA, a website dedicated to showcasing the work of local poets from Northeastern Pennsylvania. A poet herself, she showcases her own work at and has a personal blog at

Simpson, Catherine
Catherine Simpson is a cellist from Santa Barbara. She has been previously featured in over thirty publications, and has work forthcoming in The Aurorean, Up the Staircase Quarterly, Nefarious Ballerina, and Prairie Winds.

Smallwood, Carol
Carol Smallwood's most recent books include Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Picket Fences (Lamar University Press, 2014); Divining the Prime Meridian (WordTech Communications, 2015); and Writing After Retirement (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014). Carol has founded, supports humane societies.

Smith, Curtis
Curtis Smith's stories and essays have appeared in over seventy-five literary reviews and have been cited by The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Mystery Stories, and The Best American Spiritual Writing. He has published three novels (the last two with Casperian Books), and four previous story collections (the last two with Press 53). His latest book is an essay collection from Sunnyoutside—and his next book after this upcoming story collection will be a novel from Aqueous.

Smith, Ian C.
Ian C Smith’s work has appeared in , Australian Poetry Journal, New Contrast, Poetry Salzburg Review, Rabbit Journal, The Stony Thursday Book, Two-Thirds North, & Westerly. His seventh book is wonder sadness madness joy, Ginninderra (Port Adelaide). He lives in the Gippsland Lakes area of Victoria, Australia.

Soriano, Jen
Jen Soriano is a writer residing in Seattle.

Soules, Aline
Aline Soules' work has appeared in journals, anthologies, and books (print and e-formats). Her latest is a chapbook--Evening Sun: A Widow's Journey--in which she wrote about her emotional journey through widowhood. She is also a librarian at California State University, East Bay. Her website/blog is at Aline Soules

Spada, Vincent
Vincent Spada, a poet from Massachusetts, is currently working on his manuscript Goldfish Generation.

Srivatsan, Sudha
Sudha Srivatsan was born and raised in India. Worked in Middle East and London. Daughter, wife and sister. Aspiring to be known in the space of poetry as someone who weaves magic into language and combines unique design and strong color to her work of art. Work due to appear in the Indiana Voice Journal April 2015 issue, winner of poetry contests and shortlisted for the Mary Charman Smith November 2014 Poetry Competition.

Stephens, Shannon Azzato
Shannon Azzato Stephens holds a BA in Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.Phil. in Creative Writing from Trinity College, Dublin. She lives in New York City, where she teaches writing at Baruch College and Columbia University.

Stewart, Leilanie
Leilanie Stewart's poetry has appeared in numerous print and online magazines and anthologies in the UK and US. She worked as a professional archaeologist in Northern Ireland and her forthcoming pamphlet from Eyewear Publishing, A Model Archaeologist, explores the theme. Her writing blog is at:

Still, Roger
Roger Still has been published in Mount Parable.

Stockdale, David
David Stockdale is an aspiring writer and musician. His short story Nature of the Disease can be read in Midwest Literary Magazine's Soft Corners Anthology. He also contributes nonfiction work to AND Magazine on a sporadic basis

Stout, Brett
Brett Stout is a 33-year-old artist and writer. He is a high school dropout and former construction worker turned college graduate and Paramedic. He creates art while mainly hung-over from a small cramped apartment in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Stringer, Bob
Bob Stringer is old fashioned and unconventional.
Saunders, Marly
Marly Saunders is a student in Northern Virginia. She has been writing poetry and short fiction for several years. She is also part of the editing team for an online literary magazine and a student compilation.

Suda, Christopher
Christopher Suda's poetry has been published in blazeVOX, Wilderness House Literary Review, The Aura Literary Review, Poetry Super Highway, The Wayfarer, Danse Macabre, Drunk Monkeys, and other literary journals. Christopher is currently a twenty-four year old undergraduate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is a musician involved in three current music projects: Philos Moore (singer-songwriter) In Snow (Instrumental), and Loveislight (Experimental Hip-Hop).

Suttell, Kim
Kim Suttell is currently the poet-in-residence in apt. 3B, an honorary position, to be sure. Some of her poems reside in Right Hand Pointing, Penny Ante Feud, Geist, The Cortland Review, and other journals, all neatly compiled at

Sweileh, Hussam
Hussam Sweileh holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Language& Literature and an Associate’s Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. He is scheduled to study Medical Laboratory Science at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Swyer, Alan
Alan Swyer was once a boxer. Plus, he recently made a documentary about boxing:


Talley, Dustin Orin
Dustin Orin Talley lives with his family in Durham, NC. .

Tate, Julie M.
Julie M. Tate lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She's a freelance artist and journalist. Her poetry has been featured in The Great American Poetry Show and others. He blog is called Gossip and the Devil. Julie is The Commonline Journal's Literary/Music Editor.

Temples, Phil
Phil Temples grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. He's lived in Boston, Massachusetts for the past thirty five years. His professional career spans the fields of software engineering and computer systems administration. For the past dozen years he's worked as a computer systems administrator at an area university. Phil also writes. He's had over forty of his short stories published in print and online publications. Phil's first novel, The Winship Affair is now available in print and e-book from Blue Mustang Press. HIs second novel, a paranormal horror-mystery entitledHelltown Chronicles was recently accepted for publication by Eternal Press.

Thielman, Charles
Charles F. Thielman was Born and raised in Charleston, S.C., moved to Chicago, educated at red-bricked universities and on city streets. He has enjoyed working as a counselor, truck driver, city bus driver and enthused bookstore clerk. You can find a video of his reading at Tsunami Books here. His work has been published in such The Pedestal, Gargoyle, Poetry365, Pif Magazine, The Criterion [India], Poetry Salzburg [Austria], The Oyez Review, Windfall [Oregon], Muse, Battered Suitcase, Poetry Kanto [Japan], Open Road, Poetry Kit and Pastiche [England], Belle Reve, Tiger’s Eye and Rusty Nail. His chapbook, “Into the Owl-Dreamed Night” is available through Uttered Chaos Press at

Thigpen, Camille
Camille Thigpen has resided in Pennsylvania, Sweden, and is currently based in France, although she is beginning her freshman year at Bard College (New York). She has been published in Taft College Literary Magazine, recognized in a couple local short story competitions (the Sollentuna Library's (Sweden) in 2010, and the American Library of Paris's in 2011); her true home, writing, is one she never intends to leave.

Thompson, David J.
David J. Thompson's photos have appeared in a number of on-line and print journals. His website is

Thomas, Raymond
Raymond Thomas was born in Guyana. He received his PhD in Chemistry at Texas A&M and now works in industry. He resides in Lockport, NY where he enjoys the four seasons, writes short stories and poetry.

Tipton, Rod
Rod Tipton is a writer and filmmaker. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Torbatnejad, Mehmoosh
Mehmoosh Torbatnejad was born and raised in New York. She holds a BA in journalism and sociology from New York University and a JD from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. She has loved poetry since she was first introduced to the rhyming genius of Dr. Seuss’ literature, and have been writing poetry since. She currently lives in New York and practice matrimonial law

Toruno, Sara
Sara Toruno teaches English at San Jose City College and lives in San Francisco. She is also the Poetry Review Editor for Boxcar Poetry Review, and her poetry has appeared in Ginosko, Temenos, Monday Night, Artistic Rights, and Perigee. Sara's poem "Erzebet Bathory’s Hazel Tree" was a CommonLine Honorable Mention in 2007 and her poem "St. Stephen’s Church" was a CommonLine Noteworthy Selection in 2008.

Tringali, Jake
Jake Tringali was born in Boston. He has lived up and down the East Coast, then up and down the West Coast, and is now back in his home city. He runs rad restaurants. He thrives in a habitat of bars, punk rock shows, and a sprinkling of burlesque performers. He has been published in The Manhattanville Review and Oddball Magazine.

Tuite, Meg
Meg Tuite's writing has appeared in numerous journals including MadHatter’s Review, Epiphany, The Smoking Poet, JMWW, One, the Journal, Monkeybicycle and Boston Literary Magazine. She has been nominated several times for the Pushcart Prize. She is the author of Domestic Apparition (2011) San Francisco Bay Press, Disparate Pathos (2012) Monkey Puzzle Press, Reverberations (2012) Deadly Chaps Press, Bound by Blue and other stories (2013) Sententia Books. Her blog:

Turco, Maurizio
Maurizio Turco is a senior at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA. He is an English Writing and Literature major. He is anxiety ridden and have been for a few years now. He write mostly pieces about relationships, his father, and more recently: anxiety. He is a runner who competes in road and track races. He is also a musician and frequently incorporates music into his writing.

Tyner, Jessica
Jessica Tyner is from Oregon, a member of the Cherokee Nation, and has been a writer for ten years. Recent projects include ravel writer with Mucha Costa Rica, copy editing for the London-based Flaneur Arts Journal, and contributing to New York’s Thalo Magazine. She has recently published short fiction in India’s Out of Print Magazine and poetry in Slow Trains Literary Journal, Straylight Magazine, and Glint Literary Journal. Her first novel has been picked up by Swift Publishing House.


Vandermolen, Sheri
Sheri Vandermolen has served, for fifteen years, as editor in chief of Time Being Books. Her projects have included overseeing the compilation ofThe Complete Poems of Louis Daniel Brodsky, which comprises thousands of verse pieces, and managing four collected-works editions. She has also facilitated the publication of more than 120 individual poetry and short-fiction volumes. Her verse pieces have been published in various international literary journals, including Ashvamegh, Camel Saloon, Contemporary Literary Review India, Earthen Lamp Journal, Foliate Oak, Muse India, Jersey Devil Press, Papercuts, Shot Glass Journal, Taj Mahal Review, and Verse-Virtual.

Vejlani, Umm-e-Aiman
Umm-e-Aiman has been published in a few online and print magazines. Most of her poetry is simple, in directness and fluidity, hoping to communicate, through her writing, a feeling that can be related to by people from all wakes. She wishes to continue locating broader portals that will showcase her writing to give her the credibility of being an ocean swimmer. She also writes under the pseudonym Sheikha A.

Velaj, Alisa
Alisa Velaj (born 1982, Vlorë, Albania) is an Abanian poet whose work has appeared in a number of print and online international magazines, including “Blue Lyra Review”, “One title reviews”, ‘The Cannon’s Mouth’ (UK), ‘The missing slate’ (UK), ‘The Midnight Diner’ (USA), ‘Poetica’ (USA), ‘Time of Singing’ (USA), "Canto" (USA), ‘Enhance’ (USA) “Ann Arbor Review” (USA) ‘The French Literary Review” (UK), “SpeedPoets” (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), “LUMMOX Poetry Anthology 3” (USA), “Erbacce” (UK), "fourW twenty-five Anthology" (Booranga Writers' Centre, Australia), “Poetry Super Highway” (USA) and “Knot Magazine” (USA). She also has works in forthcoming issues of “Poetica”, “Otter”, “The Journal” and in the Anthology by Mago Books. Alisa Velaj has been shortlisted of the annual international erbacce-press poetry award in June 2014. She is also shortlisted in the Aquillrelle Publishing Contest 3 in January 2015. Her poems are translated into English by Ukë Buçpapaj.

Veronneau, Joseph
Joseph Veronneau has been published around the small press since 1998. He runs Scintillating Publications, a chapbook publishing press.

Vignali, Elizabeth

Vincent, Ajise
Ajise Vincent is an undergraduate of Economics at a prestigious university in Nigeria,who sees poetry as medium to express both the tranquillity and turmoil of the mind.He hopes to use poetry as a tool to impact morals and bring back the good old days of propriety. He is also a contributor to various print and online magazines.


Watkins, Caitlin
Caitlin Watkins has spent most of her life under-achieving so as to avoid writing third person bios to accompany her work. However, she has lately committed to finishing what she starts, and is proud as a pre-schooler wearing her first macaroni necklace to show-off what she’s made in CLJ. One day she hopes to independently publish a series of limited edition hand-bound, hardcover books containing holograph transcriptions of the conversation (reprinted above) she will continue to have with herself. She lives in Seattle with her husband, James, who is practicing with non-Euclidean geometry to design book pages in the hyperbolic plane.

White, Aaron
Aaron White's fiction and essays have appeared in Brain, Child Magazine, Mothers Always Write, 13th Dimension, Bluestem Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, Heart Literary Journal, and others. He holds an MA in Literary Studies from Eastern Illinois University, and maintains an active Twitter (@amwhite90) and Tumblr (

Wilgus, Amanda
Amanda Su Wilgus grew up in north Texas. She received a BA from the Plan II Honors program at UT-Austin and recently taught English in Taipei. Her work has appeared in The Bicycle Review and Blue Lake Review; she currently lives in Los Angeles.

Wolff, Rebecca
Rebecca Wolff is the author of three books of poetry, most recently The King (W. W. Norton, 2009). Her novel The Beginners is forthcoming in 2011 from Riverhead Books. She is the founding editor of Fence and Fence Books, and a fellow at the New York State Writers Institute. She lives in Athens, New York.


Yuan, Changming
Changming Yuan, 8-time Pushcart nominee and author of Chansons of a Chinaman (2009) and Landscaping (2013), grew up in rural China,holds a PhD in English, and currently tutors in Vancouver, where he co-edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Qing Yuan and operates PP Press. Most recently interviewed by [PANK] and World Poetry (cfro100.5fm), Yuan has poetry appearing in Asia Literary Review Best Canadian Poetry, BestNewPoemsOnline, London Magazine, Threepenny Review and 869 other literary journals/anthologies across 30 countries.