Silky Sorrow
—poetry by Sujoy Bhattacharya

I was playing with the caterpillar . 
It crawled down the trunk of the sesame tree . 
I was sitting near a red- ant – hill allowing 
them to inject formmic  acid in my body .  
The caterpillar crawled on over my shoes 
waving her body in a peculiar dancing posture . 
I was building logical relation among the three – 
Uncouth caterpillar , supple silk and captivating 
Butterfly – hades , earth and ecclesiastical sky. 
Millions of caterpillars crawling here and there 
The beautiful  earth veiled behind silk cloak . 
Butterflies homeless soaring high up in quest 
of a habitable hearth elsewhere in other planet . 
Outcry of the flowers – musing nymphs nefarious!