Dear South Africa
—poem by Chestlyn Draghoender

Dear South Africa;

The world is changing
around us,
And so are we.
We have become an angry nation,
blaming our government,
fighting our own President.
Shouting in the streets:
“Zuma Must Fall!”
Throwing tantrums like hooligans.
Is this where we’re headed now?
Is this what our past heroes fought for,
lost their lives for?


So, take heed!
You have already come too far
to turn back now.
Look at the many things you
have accomplished.
Reducing poverty
Quality education for all
Entrepreneurship and job creation...

Thank God for that.

Angels (children),
Your futures are bright,
like the star that comes out
every morning.
Grow up to believe in yourselves.
Youngsters, have faith.
But, remember that faith
without works are dead.
Lend a helping hand
and help find solutions to
your own problems,
instead of complaining all day.

“No jobs, No opportunities.”

No single human being
can change the world.
But if we unite,
if we educate ourselves,
if we speak one language,
we can build a tower
that reaches high into heaven.
Like the first people
in the days of Noah.
then nothing will be impossible.
Instead of fighting each other
and engaging in insignificant wars.
Criticizing our politicians;
they owe us nothing.

To make South Africa
a safer place, a sanctuary
for our children,
A country with hope
for our next generation,
And a place with good memories
for our elders,
We should strive for more.
Strive to make things better
for our neighbor.
Be change-makers, so that
our children and children’s children
can live longer.
They should be free.
Free from drug and alcohol abuse.
Free from violence and hate.
Free to be who they want to be
without fear of being criticized.

Elders, take responsibility.
Stop criticizing the youngsters of
today. They
are not a lost generation.
The world is changing.
Parents, take responsibility,
And put your foot down.
Train your children to become
future leaders.
Instead of fighting each other.
The world is changing.
And youngsters,
take some responsibility for your
Educate yourselves.
Let no man despise your youth.
Learn to be an example of good
behavior, in speech, and actions.
Above all,
Remain a humble spirit and stay
out of trouble.
The Lord resists the proud.