—a poem by Ed Makowski

I see a group of people
and I wonder why
they’ve fallen asleep sitting
next to one another
in public.

Then I realize
looking down at their telephones
and it becomes existential
and I wonder whether
there is a difference.

The poet: Ed Makowski is a writer who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has a day job poeting around a nature center and a night job bartending. Ed enjoys motorcycle rides, the left hook left hook to the liver, soul music, and bow hunting. 

The Artist: Daniel Ayles is a Portland, Oregon-based artist whose work bridges the gap between the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. If you are interested in exploring his body of work further, you can see examples of his art in the 2012 August issue of The Horror Zine here:  You may also view two collaborative pieces he did with Tiffany Luna in the 2012 November issue of The Horror Zine: