if you asked
—poetry by Monica Simon

if you asked me, 
i’d tell you i thought i’d be there by now
clutching skin and bones, not metal 
i’d imagined my body would be warm on its own
not plugged in constantly to some electric blanket
that his eyes would glow in the dark 
illuminating my righteous path;
it didn’t turn out that way, 
i would have told you that, if you’d asked 
my breath is wasted, fogging up mirrors in front of me 
just long enough that i forget what i look like
oh, yeah, that’s me, i remember 
it’s all as they told me it would always be
sky blue, grass green, snow white
did i think you’d carry away the colors when you left?
probably, but instead you left them all behind
and yet, if they’d asked, i would’ve told them 
everything looks different

Monica created and manages Poets of NEPA, a website dedicated to showcasing the work of local poets from Northeastern Pennsylvania. A poet herself, she showcases her own work at poetrybymnoelle.tumblr.com and has a personal blog at wordsbymnoelle.wordpress.com.