First Impression Response
—poetry by J. Pharoah Doss

They backed away
All the way

(The crowd did)

When the police arrived

The officers knew their assignments
But one officer was new

To a murder scene

Training doesn’t train the trainee
For a first impression response 

His expression was unprofessional

He resembled young Pharaoh 
At the murder scene of the Egyptian Moses killed 
And hid in the sand

A veteran said:  Get use to it.  They are.

(And pointed at the crowd)

After the murder scene

Whenever young Pharaoh 
Saw Hebrew children playing in the sand 

They reminded him of the murderer Moses
And his heart was hardened

J. Pharoah Doss is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier. He blogs at, and he is author of The Foolish One (or the facilitator of failure): A Graphic Volume of Poetry.