Poem For The Migrant
—a poem by James Diaz

Poem For The Migrant

Careful sentence
spoken in dry, lost syllables-
the place is different,
as kids we were from nowhere.

This they called 'a mystery 
that we might learn later'
but I had plans to crack its
lazy secret open
before I grew too old to hear 

its challenge.

The Poet: James Diaz lives in upstate New York. His poems and stories have appeared in Collective Exile, Ditch, Pismire, Cheap Pop Lit and My Favorite Bullet.

The Photographer: Faun Scurlock is a digital artist/photographer born and raised in Vancouver, WA. The constant weather changes of the Pacific Northwest bring her plenty of opportunity to capture landscapes, action shots, and abstract photographs. Faun's been published in multiple journals - The Phoenix and Salmon Creek Journal - and included in a student art show at Clark College.