every run is a bad
—poetry by Jonathan Dick

every walk is a good, awe
was a flower with his own boy, in his brain
facing his parents as they paced away,
like stucco in the rain, they crossed
themselves hoping for the blankness, expecting
the soothe, he faced them cowardly
like a sign being born, but his parents
looked past his ouches
because they thought they could
fix his dreams; happiness
is a trauma found
in the bitten thumbnail, of awe
there was none.

Jonathan Dick is a 22 year old poet and human being from Toronto, Canada. He has recently graduated from Huron University College with a major in English Language and Literature. You may have seen his recent work in The Steel Chisel, The Write Place at the Write Time, Indiana Voice Journal, Poetry Super Highway, or Silver Birch Press. Twitter: @jjdickyboy