—poetry by Marc Carver


I fell in love with a girl
I met in a dream last night.
Even though she does not exist
she is the realist love I have ever had.
A symbol maybe
that life changes like the stages of a butterfly.
One part ends and another begins.

The last time I saw her
she did not speak to me
but she looked back
as she walked away.

All I need to do now
is go and find her.
As she wants to be found
even if she does not exist in this world
I will look and even ask too.
And just maybe
I will find her

Marc Carver has published six books of poetry and works as an editor for a site in New York. He has had about three hundred poems published around the world but most of all he hopes people enjoy his work and it inspires them to pick up the pen and turn the tv off.