Best Friends |
by Ricky Garni

Why can’t a rhino frolic like a lamb? The rhino tried very hard to frolic like a lamb, but he was not successful. Every time he tried to frolic, he went backwards. The lamb frolicked forwards. And the rhino frolicked backwards. Eventually, the lamb returned to his friend the rhino and showed him how to frolic forwards. He jumped and scampered with great brio while the rhino carefully studied his every movement and nuance. Renewed and confident, the rhino began to frolic with great enthusiasm and vigor, and frolicked, as a rhino steady and true, backwards.

Ricky Garni is a graphic designer and machinist, whose work is widely available in print and on the Web. His poetry titles include THE ETERNAL JOURNALS OF CRISPY FLOTILLA, MAYBE WAVY and THE SEA OF KICKING LEGS. JIGGLE FEST, a collection of short prose, was released in December 2014. THE PINKIE EMBRACE will be released late summer, 2015.