The Apocalypse Cha-Cha / Howie Good

Photo: David J. Thompson
Often eyes become red, and all because four-hundred bullets per minute go roaring off on joyrides. That’s when I start thinking, Whatever happened to the right to be lazy? The world has developed a taste for the miserable, the beheaded Christian prisoners who can’t quite get things together. There’s actually a kid in full goalie pads outside the Stop & Shop collecting money for a pantheon dedicated to them. He might be better off if he’d been shot in a fracas and instantly killed. My life also seems kind of Laurel and Hardy, a kiss of fire accelerant, the whole jamboree vulnerable to the odd stick of dynamite. Souvenir hunters won’t even bother to wait until the ashes cool before they begin searching through the wreckage.

The Writer: Howie Good's poetry collections include The Complete Absence of Twilight from MadHat Press and Fugitive Pieces from Right Hand Pointing Press.

The Photographer: David J. Thompson's photos have appeared in a number of on-line and print journals. His website is