Fertile Skyline Salvation |
by Scott Thomas Outlar‏

An existential evolutionary pulse
getting high on the next horizon
scattershot and hybrid shocked
with an angel/animal dichotic nature
wrapped up tightly in organic halo symmetry
Symphony sharp across the envelope
to push against, to shatter
to topple down, to scatter
all the marching ants in infinite directions
A little chaos loves
anarchy as forward movement
The muscle breaking down
is not atrophied, but growing stronger
The final phase in place
plant seeds toward fertile skyline soil
Moisture in the fabric of reality
wets my appetite in the final hour
as the bell rings, as the siren calls,
as the grave yawns, as the fire
starts to fuel its own extinguishing
smoke its way to freedom
evaporated in the forecast
sending signals with the spirits
neuron synapse crisscross patterns
synchronized and ready for Revolution
as a Revelation, as a Renaissance
as a New Age dance, as a crisis
averted by the subversion
playing out on every station
worming toward core solution
twist the guts and spark a feeling
mood shift healing
rays of silent light
where X marks the spot in the haze
gone the gray fog disillusion
this is not apathy, but salvation

Scott Thomas Outlar hails from the heart of Atlantis where he kneels atop intricately designed rugs produced from prediluvian cloth and prays to The Holy Spirit Vibration for humility, guidance and discernment during this epic moment of time at the epoch of a rising New Age. When not caught up in such passionate fervor, he enjoys writing poetry, essays, fiction, rants, and experimental, existential, hallucinatory, prose-fusion screeds on subjects ranging from the outer limits of the stars to the innermost depths of the soul. His work can be seen at such sites as Dissident Voice, Daily Anarchist, Ascent Aspirations, Oracular Tree, and Loose Change Magazine. Scott can be reached at 17Numa@gmail.com. Send him a random raving and he'll certainly return in kind.