sun found |
by Jonathan Dick

my madness drips from my eyes,
and they were lost on many shattering moments
where life is not, beautiful silence
breaking glasses of past, lives are triumphant
but silence is needed when one strives to perceive, the past
lives magnificent opulence, look closely 
you war lords and gentle people, broken
look closely at the shattered, sunlit glass
in broken shards splattered upon floors, of time
and to time seeing the beauty, here is a man 
who believes in the broken glass and the suffering
here is a man whose painted life-glass 
glints in the shattered sunlight and all anyone can loudly 
whisper is: “my god, someone broke 
the glass, where’s the broom?”

Jonathan Dick is a 21 year old human being from Toronto, Canada. He is graduating this year from Huron University College with a major in English Language and Literature. This May he will be published for his first time in The Write Place at the Write Time. In the summer, Jonathan will be travelling with his beautiful girlfriend across Europe, as they dream the dreams they had forgotten.