Riddles |
by Ajise Vincent

If bulbous curves 
That propels born again hormones 
To gulp saliva in multiple successions 
Could solve the riddles of my heart 
Nkem, you would have been my goddess 

But the riddles of my heart 
are not of Eden-sized apples 
Neither are they urges for harems of Delilahs 
masquerading as virgin nuns

They are the cogitations of pure beauty 
devoid of frivolous mundanities 

They are demands of true character.

Nkem; name of a young lass

Ajise Vincent is an undergraduate of Economics at a prestigious university in Nigeria,who sees poetry as medium to express both the tranquillity and turmoil of the mind.He hopes to use poetry as a tool to impact morals and bring back the good old days of propriety. He is also a contributor to various print and online magazines.