Blurred Amethyst |
by Lana Bella

From music, contempo voices your final nuisances;
And you will yawn what the world is serenading
through hollow beats of tedium, numbing away
your fingers in a nostalgic pluck of cello strings'

From governance, apathy and lies your final despairs;
And you will pacify what the world is unperceiving
through vain promises of leaders, bleeding away
your sunny light in a scathing shreds of lone

From work, failures and dispassion your final slavery;
And you will endure what the world is compromised
through robotic grinds of depletion, thieving away
your idyllic mind in a muck of gadgets and steel

From self, sickness and misfortunes your final dregs;
And you will devour what the world is regurgitated
through pocket remains of clemency, ebbing away 
your stifling gasps in a fasthold of mist-stained

From love, feigned kisses and tears your final thirsts;
And you will grieve what the world is languishing
through cunning tongues of guile, purging away
your able sides in a tangle of flesh and skin

From society, exploits and greed your final shames; 
And you will leave behind what the world is fraught
through painted valances of lies, gnawing away
your blurred amethyst in a coat of strapped

Lana Bella has her diverse work of poetry and fiction published and forthcoming with Atlas Poetica, First Literary Review East, Cecil's Writers' Magazine, Deltona Howl, Thought Notebook, Earl of Plaid Lit, Kiki Howell for a War Anthology: We Go On, Undertow Tanka Review, Wordpool Press, Global Poetry, Family Travel Haiku, The Voices Project, Anak Sastra, Eunoia Review, Featured Artist with Quailing Bell Magazine, and now The Commonline Journal. She resides on some distant isle with her novelist husband and two frolicsome imps.