Gratitude in the Alley |
by Raymond Thomas

The swish of her hips in anger
Becomes a prelude to seduction
Her furtive stride across the alley
Pulls her clothes tighter around her body
Which then flows back into momentary relaxation
Playing hide and seek with her privacy
She is beautiful in that disreputable way
Urgently whispering as she tugs my hand
Don’t want the church ladies to know
We closed the bar on Sunday morn
She is the incarnation of the women
Love songs warn against
And in that moment, I love her  
Love her all that morning
Until she leaves me, for church
Lord, I do not believe
But I do thank you
for this morning in the alley
Where sin is beauty
And mixed with love and laughter

Raymond Thomas was born in Guyana. He received his PhD in Chemistry at Texas A&M and now works in industry. He resides in Lockport, NY where he enjoys the four seasons, writes short stories and poetry.