Survival Skills |
by Leilanie Stewart

Just before I graduated
and started my first full time job
as a field archaeologist
my tutor gave me
a fieldwork safety awareness book.
I learned how
you can blow up a raincoat
to provide buoyancy
in the event of sinking
into a bog or mire, and,
how you should never
rub a victim of hypothermia
as this carries blood 
away from vital organs
letting heat escape through their skin, but,
such a book teaches nothing
of what a woman should do
to pluck her eyebrows
on a desert island
and what about periods?
These things crossed my mind
So much for vanity.

Leilanie Stewart's poetry has appeared in numerous print and online magazines and anthologies in the UK and US. She worked as a professional archaeologist in Northern Ireland and her forthcoming pamphlet from Eyewear Publishing, A Model Archaeologist, explores the theme. Her writing blog is at: