A Lark Up the Nose of Time |
by Wayne F. Burke

we left Kansas after
the bars closed
Ron and Steve and me
in a station wagon
that I passed-out
in the back of
and woke
below a huge steel arch
high above
like a gate to heaven,
but it was Saint Louis
which we bombed through
all the way to Daytona
and got a motel room
on the beach
and sat indoors for three days
hurricane winds drove white sea horses
to shore and
branches of palm trees whirled
like broken helicopter blades...
on day four we got sun burnt
and drunk
and I was so hungry
I punched-out the Plexi-glass
of a candy machine
and tried to eat a candy bar
older than Methuselah
and in the morning I woke
from piss
in my bed
covered the spot
and we drove back
out of money
out of smokes
and Ron got ugly
without his fix
and Steve
a born-again liar
told one whopper after
all the way to Ottawa.

The Poet: Wayne F. Burke's book of poems, WORDS THAT BURN, is published by Bareback Press (2013).

The Artist: Luka Fisher is a Los Angeles based painter known for his frequent collaborations, mixed media projects, and work with musicians. He has designed forthcoming releases for LA based bands Feral Kizzy and Death Hymn Number 9. His work was also featured in Feral Kizzy's latest music "22 A Month" which you can view here---http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV5QYDfkxU0 He has also collaborated with a wide range of artists, writers and photographers including---Dash Hobbeheydar, Brian Pulido, Brenda Carsey, and Tate Hemlock. His work has been shown in Los Angeles, Detroit, Phoenix and is held in private collections in the United States and Russia.