The Sight of Your Eyes |
by Eric Hanna

Like a man on an island
Who finds ten, stacked stones
He knows he, like each one
Is now not alone

I see you in all the effects that you cause
Your actions, not random, don't follow stones' laws

Do you too feel alone? Rippling wave in the sea
Or is this the message?  Bottle-boat sent to me

So I take up my stones and begin me my pile
King of my deserted isle
But not for long: my stack falls as do I!
The movement of face not my own brings surprise
Your ears hear my words mouthed in too-silent cries
I have glimpsed, just a hint, of the sight of your eyes
Eric Hanna is a philosophy  teacher from central Canada. He informs us that his poetic influences include JRR Tolkien and Tom Waits. In his free time he enjoys writing, especially about himself in the third person.