The Audacity of Hope |
by Chandramohan S.

He was a word weaver
Unleashing a word riot.
He had the audacity to hope
That in a riot the unapproachable and the untouchable
Would exchange bodily blows on each other
Obliterating the lines that segregated them .
He was indeed a revolutionary.

Chandramohan. S is an English poet based in India. His poems reflect the socio-political struggles of the marginalized , the working class and the nomadic  outcasts  of the World who are victimized and then forgotten as nations clash and wage relentless war. His work has been profiled in New Asia Writing ,Mascara Literary Review and About placejournal,  Counter-Punch poetry,Thump Print magazine,The Sentinel, American Diversity Report, Poetry 24 online , Green Left Weekly (Australia), The Baroda Pamphlet, Art in Society ,News Verse News and Chronogram.