La Lluvia |
by Charles F. Thielman

The opaline notes of a clarinet
mist the river and distant, green hills
as the long-haired sheep of evening
circle to sleep near the roots of trees.
Avenues emptied of midnight transits,
neon curves below cloud spun ribbons,
a blue-gray sweep of rain
rides the ivory keys milked by her touch.
La senora leans over her slow chords,
blue-gray shawl brushing her wrists,
she sings her children awake, round eyes
and jade ovals rising from dream.
Not a few of Charles F. Thielman's other poems have been accepted by literary journals, such as The Pedestal, Pif Magazine, SLAB, The Commonline, Gargoyle, Poetry365, The Criterion [India], Poetry Salzburg [Austria], Gangway, Windfall [Oregon], Muse [India], 'Battered Suitcase, Poetry Kanto [Japan], Open Road, Poetry Kit, Rusty Nail and Pastiche [England]. His book, “Into the Owl-Dreamed Night” is available through Uttered Chaos Press at .